The Techboard Ranking

Welcome to the Techboard Ranking, a monthly ranking of Australian trending startups and young technology companies. Techboard also operates the Techboard Awards which takes the scores from each monthly ranking and identifies the top trending companies over the year. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Techboard Ranking has been temporarily put on hold until we secure corporate partners/sponsors to enable the ranking to recommence. Opportunities for sponsorship exist (including naming rights). Please contact us if you are interested.

About the Techboard Ranking

The Techboard Ranking was established as a way of raising the profile of startups and young tech companies by helping to highlight trending or up and coming companies, those who are attracting greater mindshare. For an overview of the Techboard Ranking and how it works see the videos or click on the link below.

How the Techboard Ranking Works?

A key feature of the Ranking is that we get input from a local panel of experts to identify startups and young tech companies that have got the Experts' attention over the ranking period.

The Western Australian Panel of Experts

The New South Wales Panel of Experts 

The Victorian Panel of Experts 

The Queensland Panel of Experts

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