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Last revised 17 December  2018

Techboard was originally established to increase the profile of Australian startups and tech companies. Our emphasis at Techboard has been about helping startups and tech companies to amplify their messages and expand their reach.  It is intended that all information on Techboard is either from the public domain, provided or submitted by companies, investors and advisors. Nothing confidential should be included in company profiles or announcements as information posted by or on behalf of a company will be made public unless otherwise specified by Techboard.

Company profiles posted on Techboard may contain material including copyright information owned by third parties. In some cases this will be done either by the Techboard Team without the owner’s express permission. We are not doing this to run roughshod over IP owners’ rights we are doing this to help grow your business and the startup and tech community in general. Our rationale is that companies are unlikely to complain about us using their own materials to positively increase their company’s exposure. If a company does not want any particular material being included in its profile or would prefer a newer, higher resolution logo it can take ownership of their company’s profile and edit the profile themselves (all for FREE) OR they can Contact Us.

At this stage Techboard has chosen not to charge companies to claim profiles, post or users to access most information on Techboard. We have begun to permit broad access to the funding data underlying our funding reports for commercial subscribers subject to separate terms and conditions. 

We aim to help tech companies to grow their crowd, for whatever reason (sales, users, fans, potential staff, investors) and to connect with their audience. To this end we do collect information about users and their usage of the site and may share some identifying user information including email addresses with Techboard Partners or companies that a user indicates they are interested in, sharing or otherwise.  Information in a user’s account relating to billing or investment preferences will of course be kept private and will never be shared. If and when we introduce services that require a different approach to privacy we will let users know.

The way Techboard has been structured to enable ownership of company profiles so the companies can control how they are described in their profile and to enable them to make announcements. While we will check applications for ownership we don’t have the resources to put a lot of time into validating who is authorised to take ownership of profiles and we to an extent rely upon the good faith of users. If we get it wrong – Contact us and we will sort it out. Companies that take ownership of their profiles take full responsibility for the accuracy of the information in their profile and any announcements that they make. We recommend that companies make a point to regularly check that their profiles are up to date.

Announcements made by companies on the Techboard can be in a variety of categories. It is up to the company to select any of the categories that are relevant. While Techboard is currently in the process of transforming the Techboard platform into one where companies can promote their capital raisings we are not yet set up to enable unlisted companies to promote their capital raisings  due to strict limitations are placed on companies advertising investment opportunities under the Corporations Law. At this point in time we welcome announcements from any startup or tech company who has secured investment. Such companies should feel free to share as much information including the identity of their investors subject to any disclosure or confidentiality conditions might be attached to that investment. We do not currently permit announcements from unlisted companies advertising investment opportunities.

We have not put a limit on the number of announcements a company can make. While we encourage companies to make use of the announcements platform they should be reasonable in how they do this. We are confident that the users and readers of Techboard will be interested to hear updates from Startups and Tech companies that would not make the cut for appearing in traditional media. Companies should however try to limit their announcements to developments at their company rather than general market developments and things they genuinely believe the Techboard audience might be interested in hearing about rather than things that our users would regard as Spammy. Also companies should not make an unreasonable number of announcements.  We have not yet set a limit and at this stage would prefer not to do so … you might find we actually encourage companies to make more announcements rather than less.

It takes a large investment of time and money to establish and maintain the Techboard Directory, to capture and process funding data and to produce our funding reports. We aim to be able to keep providing aspects of what we do freely available for the benefit of the Australian Startup and Tech community, and ultimately for the benefit of the kids of Australia. While we encourage the broad use of the platform we do not permit users to extract data to build their own directory or list or to reproduce content obtained from Techboard for publication without first seeking our consent. If you want to reproduce content from our directory and reports Please contact us.

We hope we never have to do this but if any user is abusing their privileges on Techboard or conducting themselves inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these rules and what Techboard is about we will take action which may include contacting you for a chat, reducing or removing privileges, blocking access, seeking an apology, compensation, public shaming or whatever we feel is appropriate.

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