Funding Reports

Techboard collects data on Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies and produces a variety of Data Products including these Quarterly Funding Reports. These reports contain all funding events identified by the Techboard Team for the companies we are tracking during the course of our monthly collection of data for the preparation of the Techboard Rankings and Traction Reports and includes funding events reported in the press, and announced on Techboard using our Announcements Platform. We also have funding events reported to us directly by a number of investor groups as outlined on our Partners Page

We now enable anybody including investors, advisors or others to report a funding event to Techboard for inclusion in a month's data capture or in our quarterly funding report via our Funding Event Reporting Form. We do encourage any eligible company which has a funding event to report and publicise it on Techboard via our Announcements platform - this way a company gets greater exposure of its funding events.