Funding Data

Techboard collects data on Australian startups and young tech companies and produces a variety of data products including our quarterly funding reports and our upcoming Annual Report.

Our funding reports cover funding events reported in the press, announced on Techboard using our Announcements Platform or reported to us by companies, advisors or investors via our Funding Event Reporting Form. We actively monitor all companies on the Techboard Directory and create new profiles for any new company we identify that has had a funding event.

We have been publishing funding reports since early 2017. All of our 6 of our funding reports to date have included the full list of funding events that we uncover. We are going to stop doing that but that doesn't mean you won't be able to access that data as we will be making the data available to our premium partners initially and then on subscription basis. If you are interested in accessing this data please inquire about a premium partnership today.