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Techboard Ranking Nov-Dec 2017 TOP TEN

1 1 MoneyMe New South Wales Fintech MoneyMe 0 NO ↑137 1
2 2 Fastbrick Robotics Western Australia Construction & industrial Fastbrick Robotics 1 YES ↑313 2
3 3 Power Ledger Western Australia Energy,Fintech Power Ledger 0 NO ↓ 1 1
4 4 Hcash Victoria Fintech Hcash 0 NO NEW 4
5 5 Spaceship New South Wales Fintech,Marketplace Spaceship 0 NO ↑224 5
6 6 Douugh New South Wales Fintech Douugh 0 NO ↑96 6
7 7 Tech Mpire Western Australia Data analytics,Media Tech Mpire 1 YES ↑616 7
8 8 Waddle New South Wales Fintech Waddle 0 NO ↑1195 8
9 9 Car Next Door New South Wales Automotive & engineering Car Next Door 0 NO ↑74 9
10 10 Wattwatchers New South Wales Data analytics,Energy,IT hardware Wattwatchers 0 NO ↑60 10

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