FUNDED September Q Funding Update

Techboard is pleased to present its latest FUNDED quarterly update for the September Quarter 2023.

This report provide an update to our recent report FUNDED 2023, Australian Startup Funding in Review. The update reveals that during the September quarter Australian startups announced $979m from 110 announced private investments. This was a 17% drop in announced investments in value and a 36% drop in number from the June Quarter’s $1.182b from 172 deals and a return to the investment level captured in the March Quarter. This takes the total for the 2023 calendar year to date to $3.171b. Considered on a calendar year basis this puts the year on track to be the third best on record, behind the highs of 2021 and 2022, with the YTD result for 2023 and roughly equalling the full year result for 2020. On a Financial year basis this puts FY24 roughly on-par with FY23 at the close of the September quarter 2023. 

The quarterly update is published on Canva and contains interactive charts using the Flourish platform recently acquired by Canva. While the report can be viewed on mobile, the best viewing experience will be on a larger screen. 

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