Techboard is the number one source for up-to-date data on the Australian startup and young technology company ecosystem.

Techboard is the longest continuously operational data company serving the Australian startup sector. We have been collecting data on Australian Startups since 2015 and have been building our national funding dataset for more than six years since 1 July 2017. Techboard has the best capture of data on funding events for Australian Startups and we continuously work to improve our data capture.

Techboard’s data is trusted and used by Australian Governments, the Tech Council of Australia, Universities, investors and advisors. We also produce regular reports such as this one, occasional funding bulletins and our monthly release FUNDED. We work on a monthly data cycle releasing a monthly dataset to our subscribers before the end of the subsequent month.

Techboard has always been looking for ways to improve the quality and quantity of data it is able to present to inform and power the growth of the Australian startup ecosystem. To this end we have been developing an approach based around capturing data from companies’ non-confidential filings with Australia’s Corporate Regulator, The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), to help reveal the true extent of capital flows into Australian Startups, who and what is getting investment, who is investing and at what valuation. We have been piloting this approach during 2023 in the Fintech vertical in our Fintech Funding Project. Additional information on this approach can be obtained from Techboard.

Techboard’s funding data is accessible to commercial subscribers. Techboard also operates a free Startup Directory.

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