Startup Data

Techboard has been collecting data on Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies since 2015 we have the most substantial collection of data on Australian Startups with over 2700 companies actively profiled and monitored. Techboard produces a number of data products based around that data which we publish on its site for its subscribers to access.  These products include:

Funding Reports analysing funding events for the companies we are tracking including investments (angel, VC, IPOs/RTOs and public placements), debt, initial coin offerings/token generation events, Government grants, mergers and acquisitions.

Subscriber-Only Funding Data- we  provide subscription access to our funding data on Australian Startups and Young Technology companies via our Funding Event Search Engine. Access subscriber only data. Find out becoming a subscriber.

Techboard's searchable company directory where readers can view general profile information on each company as well as data from regularly published company rankings as well as traction data comprising press coverage, milestones and funding events.

The Latest Company Announcements made by Companies on the platform.



Techboard is able to produce custom reports or products based upon its data for purposes including preparation of regional or sectoral reports, portfolio monitoring, market intelligence and due diligence.

To find out more or to discuss your requirements please Contact us.