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View – Anyone who comes to the Techboard website can view all Company profiles on the Techboard to discover cool companies and products and services.

Share – We provide tools to make it easier for you to share Company profiles, company announcements, blogposts etc that appear on the Techboard. Techboard encourages all users to share what they see on the techboard… it will make it more useful and interesting for everyone. To use our sharing tools you either need to be logged in or provide your email address every time you want to share something with our convenient tools.

Explore – All users can explore companies by category by filtering companies on the homepage or companies page or by clicking on the category links in any company profile,.

Edit – Companies can edit their own profile – after they have claimed ownership of their profile (see Own below). NOTE: you need to be logged in to edit company profiles.

Own – Companies can claim ownership of their profiles, unlocking the ability to edit their profile and make Announcements. For a now claiming ownership of company profiles is free. It is easy to do, If there is a profile for the company on Techboard just go to the company profile, click on the “claim ownership” button fill in the form and follow the instructions. If there is no profile for the company on techboard, you can apply for listing and ownership of the profile at the same time. NOTE: you need to be logged in to claim ownership.

Add – Companies can add themselves to the Techboard… if the companies meet the listing rules.

Announce – Companies who own their profile can make announcements to increase their engagement with the Techboard Crowd. It is really easy to make announcements – they can be as brief or detailed as the company likes, can link to external content. If announcements are made through the Techboard they will appear on the Announcements Page, in the right hand margin and on the Company’s Company profile. Techboard will also broadcast these Announcements to the broader Techboard Community. Announcements can be made in a number of different categories.

Startups and Young Tech Companies want to know what we mean by Startups and Young Tech companies? Check out the Listing Rules.

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