What Investors Seek – 8 Lessons from an Entrepreneur Investor

This guest post comes to you from our friend Rajeev Gupta, investor and entrepreneur. Rajeev is Partner and Founder of cross-over investment fund Alium Capital Management which has backed many great Australian Startups (including HealthEngine and Unlockd who have topped the Techboard Ranking). In this post Rajeev shares his wisdom and experience from sitting on both sides of the table. Rajeev has also recently joined Techboard's NSW Panel of Experts.

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Techboard Ranking Sector Spotlight for July 2017: Augmented/Virtual Reality Companies

Techboard has been publishing its monthly Techboard Ranking which shines a spotlight on the highest trending Australian startups and Young Tech Companies. In order to highlight the work of more great companies, starting this month we have decided that in-between our monthly rankings we are going to publish a list of the top ranked companies in a particular sector. The first cab off the rank is for us to have a look at Companies in the augmented and virtual reality fields. A big thanks to Rafael Kimberley-Bowen and the rest of the Techboard team for their hard work that goes into producing the Techboard Rankings and commentaries. 

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B2B Rocks 2017 & 1st Startups Awards – 28 September 2017

Our friends at B2B Rocks have run conferences on B2B & SaaS startups since 2003, with three conferences in Paris and the first in Sydney last year. B2B Rocks are bringing their conference series back to Australia for a second time. It is shaping up to be a great conference.

Come along to B2B Rocks 2017 and learn from world-class experts, pickup fast on latest insights and techniques and meet doers shaping the B2B ecosystem.  The conference will feature leading founders, investors and experts in the B2B and SAAS space, including Jason Wyatt from Marketplacer, Chris Gilbert from Equitise, Bridget Loudon from Expert360, who came 4th in the July Techboard Ranking, Nicolas Chu from Sinorbis and many more. The conference will take place in Sydney, Thursday 28 September 2017 at Lendlease Headquarters in Barangaroo. Over the coming week we will be bringing you a series of interviews of speakers from the conference.


Techboard Company Traction Report July 2017

Welcome to Techboard’s Company Traction Report for July 2017. In these reports we highlight traction by Australian startups and young technology companies, broken into the three headings of News coverage, Milestones and Funding events. We collect this data as a major input into the monthly Techboard Ranking. This month have news mentions, milestones and Funding events for 200 Australian startups and tech companies. The companies are listed in the order in which they appeared in the July Techboard Ranking.

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Prospa tops the Techboard Ranking for a Second Time – July 2017

The Australian startup and tech sector continues to achieve great things.  This month Techboard has collected data on 1,390 companies, thats 140 or more than 10% more than last month, collected 532 news items, identified 138 milestones and 35 funding events. We will be publishing our summary of the News, Milestones and Funding events that we collected this month in our Techboard Company Traction Report out next week. Subscribe at the foot of the page to get our Newsletters or Sign up to get free access to the full ranking results and Traction Reports on Techboard.

Prospa was Australia’s hottest startup in July, with strong news coverage of its $20m venture debt funding from US-based Partners for Growth. The NSW company was also the first ever fintech to receive the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Medium Business Award, and it featured in CB Insights’ Fintech 250.  This is the second time that Prospa has topped the Techboard Ranking, the last time in February on the back of its $25m round led by Airtree Ventures. Speaking to Techboard, Beau Bertoli, Joint CEO and co-founder said: