Welcome to the April 2022 edition of FUNDED, our latest update on Australian Startup funding news... we keep track of everything so you don't have to. This is the second time that we have published FUNDED at the same time that we have imported the funding data to the Techboard platform where our paying subscribers can access all 4952 funding events we have captured since 2017. Paying subscribers can use our Funding Event Search Engine to filter that data by ten variables. We have recently added in Funding Event Status to address yet to be closed or rounds or future funding rounds as well as completed rounds.

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Welcome to the March 2022 edition of FUNDED. This is the ninth edition of FUNDED and the very first that we have published once we have completed our full monthly capture (for paid subscribers only). At Techboard our focus is on completeness of capture, rather than necessarily on zero to sixty or one hundred times. However we have been changing our processes which have enabled us to release our full March 2022 dataset earlier than usual.

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Techboard is pleased to present this Funding Bulletin for the calendar year to 31 December 2021 covering the period of greatest funding growth the Australian Startup Ecosystem has seen. This funding is enabling the growth of rapidly growing startups taking on international startups coming into Australia as well as the growth of  companies taking their products and services to the world. 

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Who got FUNDED in November 2021

Techboard is pleased to present our fifth edition of FUNDED covering the month of November 2021.

In our preliminary review of November we captured 55 funding events, including five megarounds of greater than $50m, two initial public offerings, two acquisitions and over $783m in private investment reported. That brings the tally for private/VC investment from five months in FY22 to over $4.7b compared to FY21’s total of only $4.26b.

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Female Founder Funding Roundtable: Redressing the Balance


I was very pleased and honoured to be joined by an awesome group of panellists at Techboard's First Female Founder Funding Roundtable... Our very first mixed format event with live and virtual panellists and audience... pretty challenging but I think we pulled it off... learned some lessons for next time though. 

Thanks so much to Kate Griffiths from EY for hosting and facilitating, Kate Harris-Slade from Think & Grow for her assistance and sponsorship We had a great panel Elicia McDonald from AirTree joining us from Sydney and Lauren Capelin from Startmate calling in from Noosa and the local Perth Panellists Ruth Hatherley from Moneycatcha Pty LtdBernadette Olivier from The VolteTracie Clark from the just announced VentureX HQGlenn Butcher from CP Ventures and Dr Vanessa Rauland from ClimateClever

And thanks also to the Audience both in the room and virtually from across Australia.

We presented our data, got some great insights and suggestions of what can be done to improve the funding successes of female founded businesses... The video and writeup will be coming soon.


Peter van Bruchem

CEO and Co-Founder


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FUNDED October Edition 2021

Welcome to our fourth edition of FUNDED covering the month of October 2021. Although before we get into October lets just revisit last month's edition of FUNDED.  In our September edition we noted that the first quarter of FY22 saw 79% of the total amount of private capital raised in FY2021 in just one quarter. Well it was even bigger than that. After we had finalised our data capture for September private/VC investments tallied to $1.810b from 67 rounds.  MASSIVE…... taking our return for the quarter for private/VC investment to around $3.7b in one quarter... compared to $4.26 in the entire FY21, which is over 85% of last year’s funding. WOW!!! 

Find out more about FUNDED. While the list below is lengthy it is far from the complete list of what we capture. For access to our full data capture, sorted, catalogued and full searchable, inquire about a data subscription.

October isn’t looking to be as big as September with no mega-rounds (>$50m) reported (unless you consider Fast’s $168m Raise... which we don’t as the company is truly a US company despite its Australian founder). So far for October we have collected 71 funding events from our preliminary review (including 13 Australian Startups from the latest Startmate intake).

October was a month of many themes... with many seed rounds, three closed Pre-IPO investment rounds. The leading sectors for the month are Climatetech and Legal/regtech.

The month saw five acquisitions with CitrusAd, CashRewards, Kaddy, Hyperanna and Family Property.

ClimateTech investments included Loam, Greener, PathZero, RedEarth, Zeroco, 3ME Technology amongst others. There was also major Climatetech funding news from Grok Ventures. See more below

We have also identified 31 companies that have publicised they are raising  including eleven who announced they were raising for or in the lead up to an IPO. One of those Judo Bank has already come to fruition with an IPO earlier this week, jumping to a $2.5b valuation.

If you know of stories you think we should include please let us know. Funding events can be reported to us and companies that have claimed their profile on Techboard can make announcements. Contact us at [email protected]

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