Filling the Tank – Techboard talks with Bradley Delamare

Techboard correspondent Matthew Parker from MitchelLake recently spoke with Bradley Delamare, CEO of Tank Stream Labs who have been very busy expanding. Since becoming anchor tenant in the recently opened Sydney Startup Hub and preparing to launch in Perth, Tank Stream Labs is now the largest tech co-working space in Australia by floor area. Bradley is also a member of Techboard’s Panel of Experts for NSW which provides a valuable input into the monthly Techboard Ranking. Matthew spoke with Bradley about Tank Stream Labs growth plans and corporates partnering with startups.

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The Month in Australian Startup and Tech: January 2018

Techboard Traction Report January 2018

Techboard put a pause on its Techboard Ranking for the month of January but we still have scoured the news and bring you the latest "The Month in Australian Startup and Tech" Report covering the period from our last report which covered November/December to the end of January. The Report outlines the traction that Australian Startups and Tech Companies announced or publicised that they achieved in that month. Since last month we've added a further 96 companies to Techboard and archived several companies that were too old or have been acquired - we're now profiling 2,018 Australian companies. 

January is always a slower month for business and news in Australia generally.  Despite the season we captured 297 global press mentions of Australian companies, 140 milestones ranging from winning awards to securing significant partners, 39 funding milestones representing over $500M of funding for a total of 219 companies. 

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Most Popular in January

It has been a slow start to the year for many but there still has been keen interest on Techboard in some key posts, interviews, company profiles and announcements. This January was roughly twice as big for traffic as the same time last year. Here are the most popular posts on Techboard for January.

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Powering On: David Martin from Power Ledger talks to Techboard

Following on from our interview with Power Ledger's Dr Jemma Green, Techboard's Chief Startup Evangelist Peter van Bruchem recently caught up with Dave Martin, Managing Director and one of the co-founders of Power Ledger to talk, ICOs, Data, PR/Investor and stakeholder relations. Power Ledger took out top prize for Highest Trending Company in the Techboard 2017 WA Awards. Power Ledger has also just been confirmed as a Finalist in the Extreme Tech Challenge and is off to the Finals at Richard Branson’s Necker Island in Late February.

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The New Consumer Finance: Larry Diamond from Zip Co. Ltd talks to Techboard

Techboard correspondent Matthew Parker from MitchelLake recently spoke with Larry Diamond, CEO and founder of Zip Co. (ASX: Z1P) (formerly Zipmoney). They had a broad-ranging discussion covering issues including their Backdoor Listing on the ASX, their growth and recent acquisition. Zip Co. has performed very well in the monthly Techboard Ranking, was a finalist in the inaugural Techboard 2017 National Awards and came in 4th in Techboard’s Annual 2017 Ranking.

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December Quarter Funding Report Reveals over $720M in Funding

Techboard is pleased to present its funding report covering funding events (including equity, debt, coin, acquisition, and grants) confirmed in the December 2017 quarter, involving startups and young tech companies which are eligible for a listing on Techboard. Data is collated by the Techboard team from public sources and through its relationships with investors, VCs and angel groups across the country. In particular Techboard would like to thank Melbourne Angels, Brisbane Angels and Perth Angels for their on-going collaboration.

by Rafael Kimberley Bowen

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Lend me your ear as Tim Dean from Credi talks to Techboard

Techboard’s Peter van Bruchem speaks with Tim K Dean, Founder and CEO of Perth-based Fintech Startup Credi, which provides a fixed fee loan documentation and  management system for individuals and businesses. Tim is also founder of a co-working space in Fremantle called Thinklab, which is where Credi is based.  Credi were the inaugural winners of the Highest Trending Up and Coming Company at the Techboard 2017 National Awards.  They also won at the Techboard WA Awards. Credi's Techboard wins were in part due to their achievements but also the extent to which Credi successfully raised the profile of their activities through effective and regular use of PR, media, social media including using the Techboard platform itself to amplify its successes. 

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