Funding Report September Quarter 2018

We are very pleased to release our Funding Report for the September quarter of 2018 revealing $1.085b of funding for Australian startups and young tech companies.

The last month has seen the release of two major reports by Startup Muster and LaunchVic which both provide useful insights into the Australia and Victorian Startup Ecosystems both of which were survey-based. Techboard’s approach differs from both in that rather than just using survey-based methodologies we actively monitor press coverage and announcements from the over 2500 companies in the Techboard Directory, as well as funding events we identify from companies not yet in the Directory. We also supplement this with data that is reported to us by companies, investors and others. We just report on funding events we uncover. 

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Fintech Dominates a Big Year of Funding for Australian Startups

Techboard, Australia’s Startup and Tech Data company has just published its latest Australian Startup and Young Tech Company Funding Report for the 2017/18 financial year. The report revealed that over the course of the financial year $3.5B of funding flowed to Australian Startup and Young Tech Companies (up to 10 years old). Fintech Companies featured very prominently in the report, accounting for $988m of funding events over the financial year making Fintech the most funded category of company overall.

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Winners of the National Angel Awards 2018 Announced

Late last week the inaugural National Australian Angel Awards 2018 were announced at the 2018 Angels of Australia Conference, recognising those active in the angel investment community. The awards formed part of the Angels of Australia conference, are a joint initiative between Techboard based in Western Australia and Angels of Australia based in Queensland and are part of Techboard's ongoing collaboration with Australian Investors and Investment Groups.

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The Techboard Directory … An Update

Startup and Tech Company data is at the very core of what Techboard is. Central to Techboard's data collection and monitoring efforts is the Techboard Directory. Once we have added a company to the directory we start tracking traction and growth metrics on the company, such as funding events as will be featured in our upcoming Annual Funding Report out soon. Since the beginning of 2017 we have been working hard to grow the directory from a Western Australian focused directory to a truly national directory of Australian startups and young tech companies. 

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National Angel Awards 2018

EDIT: Entries for the National Angel Awards 2018 closed on Friday 17 August 2018.

We announced earlier this month we have partnered with the Angels of Australia to present the National Angel Awards 2018.  We are pleased to announce that categories and entry criteria have been finalised and entries are now open for the National Angel Awards. The awards will be presented on the Angels of Australia Cruise from 11-14 September 2018.

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Techboard’s Australian Startup + Tech Mapping Project

We are excited to release our first ever national startup and tech map. While we have previously published maps of the Western Australian landscape, this is our first national attempt. We believe it is one of the most ambitious visual mapping exercises conducted of the Australian startup space to date, and so we’re naturally excited about it. It is not perfect. There are noteworthy companies not included in the map, and (hopefully not too many) embarrassing omissions.

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New Additions to Techboard Directory

The team at Techboard has been busy adding companies to Techboard, the largest directory of Australian Startups and Tech Companies. this latest batch takes the number of company profiles to just shy of 2500. The more companies we have in the Directory the more we are monitoring to enable Techboard to become the data provider of choice on the Australian Startup and Tech Ecosystem.

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Coming Soon: Techboard’s Annual Funding Report

The 2017/18 financial year is drawing to a close and the Techboard team is working towards its first Annual Funding Report covering funding events by Australian startups and young tech companies confirmed during the 2017/18 financial year. This will be the most comprehensive annual funding report covering the Australian Startup and Tech Ecosystem ever.  We want to make sure we cover as many funding events as possible so we are calling on the support and assistance from companies, advisors, investors/funders and others to help supplement our dataset.

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