Sponsorship and Partnering Opportunities

Techboard is the number one source for up-to-date Australian focused startup data.  We currently have profiles on over 3,500 startups . Using this information, we produce and  Australia's most comprehensive Startup and tech funding reports.  We also provide access to the underlying data to our commercial subscribers and corporate partners.

We are seeking partners and sponsors to help enable Techboard to continue to maintain and grow our database and continue to produce quality data products to inform the growth of Australian startups and tech companies and enhance our ability to meet the market's Aussie Startup and data requirements.

Partnering with Techboard could provide partners with  the ability to build their profile in the Australian startup space and ensure that our data is available. We are also able to provide Techboard's financial backers with access to Techboard data and insights to assist with trend identification for purposes of program development or review or business development.

Opportunities to Sponsor/Partner with Techboard include:

General Sponsorship of entire website including exposure on our reports, newsletters and social media channels

Funding Reports

Techboard Roundtables

Techboard Announcements 

Partnering on custom reports

National Angel Awards

If you are interested in exploring partnering or sponsorship with Techboard please get in touch using the form below or by emailing us at [email protected]

Interested in exploring a partnership with Techboard?