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Techboard collects data on Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies and produces a variety of Data Products including our Quarterly Funding Reports. These reports contain all funding events identified by the Techboard Team and includes funding events reported in the press, and announced on Techboard using our Announcements Platform and reported to us directly by a number of investor groups as outlined on our Partners Page or by using this form.  Now anybody including investors, advisors or others (apart from the company itself) can report a funding event to Techboard for inclusion in our data capture or in our funding reports using the form below.

If an eligible company which has a funding event that they would like to both report and publicise we recommend that utilise our Announcements platform - this way the company gets greater exposure of its funding events.

Funding Events can also be reported to Techboard via email at [email protected]

We are seeking details of any funding received by Australian startups and young tech companies for the 2017/2018 financial year... even for past periods, to supplement the data for our 2017/2018 Funding Report.

We are also tracking funding received by female founded companies for a planned future report.

Thanks for your support.


The Techboard Team

Partner with Techboard for our Annual Funding Report

Techboard is seeking partners to support our upcoming annual funding report to be entitled "The Year in Australian Startup and Young Tech Company Funding - FY 2017-2018" as well as future quarterly and Annual Funding Reports. The annual funding report will cover the data contained in our reports for the September 2017, December 2017 and March 2018 quarters along with data from the June 2018 quarter as well as any additional funding events for the 2017/18 FY that were not captured in the earlier reports. The report will breakdown trends by funding types categories and States as well as examining trends from quarter to quarter. Given that we uncovered almost $1B in funding for the March 2018 Quarter, our first annual report will be sure to be big.

If you are interested in supporting our funding reports please contact us at [email protected]

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