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Techboard provides Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies with free company profiles and free access to our Announcements Platform to enable them to raise their profile, including with potential investors.  Investors and other startup watchers and fans can also explore companies through our Company search facility to find companies they may be interested in following, researching or potentially investing in.

Your Company listing on Techboard

The Company profile includes key information on your startup and can be used as an investor relations page, whether or not you are currently raising. Companies include key information about their company and its offering in their profile and can include a video. The profiles also store all announcements made by your Company and we are currently enriching profiles to include news stories we gather.

Techboard has been built for promoting Australian Startups and Young tech companies. Why not check our Listing Rules.

Setting up or claiming a profile on Techboard is easy and free... just go to the “Get Listed” tab and select "Companies" and follow the instructions.

Once your listing is processed you can edit your profile by going to the "My Dashboard" tab and selecting "My Profiles"

Our Announcements Platform

Our Announcements Platform enables any Australian Startup and Young Tech Company, listed or unlisted to make announcements and increase and enhance its profile. Companies can make an announcement on any big or small developments they want to share with their audience and the Techboard audience. We have a bundle of different announcement categories so companies will probably find the right one for them. This also makes it easier for our readers to find an announcement that is interesting to them.

Announcements can be made from the "My Profiles" page.

We have been getting some questions about how our announcements platform works and as to what benefit a company can get from making announcements. So we wrote a post you can read here.

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