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SONY DSCWe are working hard here at Techboard to help raise the profile of Australian startups and technology companies.  One key way we do this is by providing free access to our Announcements Platform. We have been getting some questions about how our announcements platform works and as to what benefit a company can get from making announcements we have also just made some improvements to the system to make it work how we had always intended and make it easier for people authorised by a company to make announcements. So we thought it was time to do a post.

Our Announcements Platform enables any Australian Startup and Tech Company, listed or unlisted to make announcements and increase and enhance its profile.  Companies can make an announcement on any big or small developments they want to share with their audience and the Techboard audience. We have a bundle of different announcement categories so companies will probably find the right one for them. This also makes it easier for our readers to find an announcement that is interesting to them.

Companies shouldn’t limit themselves to news that traditional media channels are interested in‚Ķ. your fans are interested in your little steps, and your incremental progress as well as your huge ‚Äėnewsworthy‚Äô wins.

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Any eligible Australian startup and technology company can set up or claim a profile on Techboard. Announcements can then be made from within the company’s profile by the owner of the profile (the person who claimed it) OR by people authorised by the Company to make announcements on their behalf (they can do this¬†by editing the company profile and adding their email address).

To make an announcement the company profile owner or an authorised person can go to the¬†“My Profiles” link in “my Dashboard” they select the company to go to the company profile and then they click on the “Make an Announcement” button. Sounds simple doesn’t it… well recently¬†we made some improvements to the platform that make it this simple. ¬†The¬†enhancements we have made to Techboard’s announcement platform as follows:

Any people authorised by a company to make announcements are now able to access the company profiles from the “My Profiles” link in “my Dashboard”.

The “Make an Announcement” button is now visible in company profiles (under the company logo) to all people authorised to make announcements.¬† The announcements form is really quite straightforward.

What are the benefits of making announcements on Techboard?

You stand to get your announcement in front of a broader audience. This audience may include potential consumers, investors, future employees and fans. Our current distribution detailed below is weighted more towards a business audience.

Having a presence on Techboard can enhance the external perception of a company, the sort of validation that appearing in the press can bring.

Having a Techboard profile populated with announcements will enhance a company’s internet presence and may also help with SEO.

So exactly how is my Announcement Distributed?

Announcements made on Techboard are now automagically processed so once a company hits the Submit button its announcement will be live on Techboard.

The¬†announcement will be visible on the home page and will appear on the Announcements page.¬†The announcement also gets automagically added to¬†your company’s profile.

Your announcement will also be distributed on Techboard’s twitter account @TechboardAU and by our distribution partners.


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