Funding for Women Led Ventures: Gender Diversity in Australian Startup Funding FY22 Report

Techboard is pleased to be able to present this report in conjunction with our partners SBE Australia.

This report is a follow up report to Techboard's Female Founder Funding Report FY18-FY21 and follows on from work Techboard has undertaken for the Department of Industry Science Energy and Resources to classify all funding events that we have captured according to the gender of the companies’ founders and to monitor funding to female founded companies on an ongoing basis.

This report is also a companion to a report produced by Deloitte Access Economics and commissioned by SBE Australia entitled "Accelerating women founders: The untapped investment opportunity".

In this report we begin by considering the overall funding environment for Australian Startups as a whole in FY22 and the evolution from previous year. We then consider the environment for both solely women led startups and those with a mixed gender team but have at least one woman founder. This report identifies a number of concerning trends, some of which are continued themes from our last Report on Female Founder Funding, others which are emerging issues.

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