Techboard to Report on Female Founder Funding

Techboard is very pleased to announce it has again been contracted by the Australian Government via the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to provide data on funding secured by Australian Startups and Young Technology companies.

Techboard has also been commissioned to supplement its data by additionally identifying startups and tech companies that are founded by women, both in terms of historical data and ongoing monitoring. This data will be used by the Australian Government to inform the policy development of a variety of initiatives including the Boosting Female Founders Initiative and in the areas of startup data collection and broader policy research.

Speaking about the contract Techboard Co-Founder, Peter van Bruchem said “Techboard historically had been more focused on the companies than founders and gender wasn’t a field we had been collecting. When the Boosting Female Founders Initiative was announced we saw this as a useful trigger to start doing so. The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, who were actually our very first customer back in 2018, has contracted us to add data on female founders to what we were delivering to them.  This project starts with us going back though our historical funding data from 2017, in total over 2500 funding events for over 1800 companies. Doing this will work will enable us to compile the most definitive data to date on how successful female founders have been at securing funding, something that we will continue to do for years to come.”

“As well as informing the government’s broader startup policy research, having this new dataset, will open up opportunities for Techboard and for female founders.  For example, we will be able to assist female founders to identify who backs female founded companies and also better enable corporates or investors to find female founded companies to back or partner with.”

This data is being added to Techboard’s existing data sets and once we have completed the project to go back through our historical data Techboard will be making a summary of that data available to be used by any group or organisation supporting female founders to enable them to quote accurate data which reflects the experience of female founders in Australia. 

Techboard is currently looking at how best to make that data available for greatest impact and is considering producing a female founder focused funding report as well as producing a Techboard Roundtable addressing this issue.  Techboard would be very pleased to hear from any organisations interested in collaborating, sponsoring or partnering with us on this initiative. 

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