Techboard’s NEW Funding Event Search Engine

The Techboard Team has been busy over recent months, ensuring that we continue to deliver the best Startup and Tech funding data to our subscribers, increasing the pace at which we can deliver that data and also working on a project to improve the Techboard platform to provide access to our data in a form where it is easier to interrogate, explore and discover insights. We are pleased to report that the first part of that project has been released, the all NEW Techboard Funding Event Search Engine incorporating our new integrated data architecture. The new search engine enables a funding centric search of our three major datasets of Companies, Funding Events and Funders/Investors (we capture much more than just private investment).

Previously Techboard had been collecting and processing funding data on a three month cycle, releasing a funding report on a quarterly basis, and along with that, releasing the funding data underlying that report to subscribers in a table which was effectively an online spreadsheet. That funding table contained links to company profiles for every funding event we captured, but the funding and company datasets were otherwise not connected.

Until recently the only dataset on Techboard that was relatively searchable was the Techboard Directory of startups and young tech companies and while we had the funding data available to subscribers in three month bundles, that information was not available in or accessible from the company profiles. What we have been doing over the last few months is modifying the Techboard platform's data architecture to enable the interlinking of our three main data sets, then importing all funding events we have captured onto the platform and setting up profiles for all funders/investors (we capture much more than just private investment).

The next step in the process was of course to open up access to that data... which is where the funding event search engine comes in.  What we have done is built a parametric search enabling commercial subscribers to filter and search our full datasets by eight variables, funding date, amount, funding type/deal label, company name, funder/investor name, company category, state and company keyword. This keyword search really opens up our data and makes it much easier to find who has been funded in a particular niche enabling much finder filtering than possible with the 43 company categories employed by Techboard.  From the search results users can click through to company profiles and discover other funding events for the companies and though to the Investor profile to see what else they have backed.

For now this search is currently only available to our commercial subscribers for now... and in beta mode. We are planning to open up some free access to our data but that will be happening once we have ironed out all the bugs. Companies can be searched in the Techboard Directory. We are also building a parametric search to interrogate Investor profiles which we will be releasing shortly. To find out more about the search engine or subscriptions please contact us.