Techboard Australian Startup and Young Tech Company Annual Funding Report FY20

Techboard is pleased to be presenting its third Australian Startup and Young Tech Company Annual Funding Report for FY20.  During FY20 Techboard captured 895 funding events for 726 Companies from 385 funders.  The Techboard Team has been analysing this data, comparing it to our data for previous periods to extract insights, movements and trends. This report is the result of that analysis. Primary author on the report was Rafael Kimberley-Bowen, co-founder of Techboard.

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Australian Startup and Tech funding feeling a bit better in May

This is the second Month that Techboard has issued a Funding Bulletin giving a monthly breakdown and analysis of Australian Startup and Young Tech company funding.  Until our first such bulletin last month we had been compiling and releasing our data on a quarterly basis since 2017.  Back in April 2020 in order to enable us to deliver our insights to the Ecosystem and data to our data customers more rapidly and to track how the pandemic is impacting upon startup and tech funding almost as it happens we decided to move to monthly data collection and reporting. 

Techboard is soon going to be compiling its funding data for June 2020 and undertaking a detailed analysis for our Annual report for the 2019/20 financial year which will contain much more detailed analysis of funding over the year, with Sectoral, State, funding type, dealsize and investor breakdowns and more. We are also soon going to be making some exciting announcements about improved access to Techboard Funding and Investor Data.

The funding and investor data underlying this Bulletin is now available to Techboard's Commercial Subscribers

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Startup funding levels at record highs into April but has the Covid 19 induced decline of startup funding begun?

In order to provide greater insight into how the funding environment is evolving in the light of COVID 19 Techboard has started looking at funding data on a monthly basis. This release provides commentary on the first four months of funding data for 2020.  More information on funding in the month of April is available in our first Monthly Funding Bulletin. The Funding Report for the March Quarter 2020 is available below. Read More

Techboard Roundtable Writeup Part 1: How Covid is affecting the available funding options for Startups

Techboard recently held its first virtual Roundtable on funding options for Aussie Startups in the Covid era. We had assembled a panel from across a variety of funding types to try to gauge how the current environment was impacting on a variety of funding types available to Startups. 

Our coverage of the Roundtable discussion will be in two parts. In Part 1 we will cover what the panelists were experiencing in the market across the different funding types. In Part 2 we will be covering some super useful tips for founders.

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Techboard Roundtable: Funding Options for Aussie Startups

We are back with another Techboard Roundtable, the first for 2020. With our previous Roundtables (which didn’t involve tables of the circular variety) we had our panel sitting around a table, with a live audience. For now we have unsurprisingly decided to move online with all panelists having their own table and our audience can also experience the Roundtable from the comfort of their own homes. 

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Tracking Funding in the Covid19 Era

Techboard has been monitoring the growth of the Startup and Tech Ecosystem in Australia since 2017. We track all sorts of funding events, including venture capital and other private investment, public investment via the ASX, venture debt, equity crowdfunding and more. We have been tracking the growth of the ecosystem.  Unfortunately in the era of COVID 19 it looks like we might soon have to track its temporary leveling or even decline.

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Reopening SIV approvals could help save start-ups from COVID-19 calamity

Potentially $100 million could be immediately unlocked to provide a life line for startups, entrepreneurs and emerging companies which are being crippled by the COVID-19 crisis, if applications under the Significant Investor Visa program were reopened.

Executive Chairman of Atlas Advisors Australia, Guy Hedley called on the Australian Government to give urgent priority to fast-tracking capital flows under the SIV program.

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Venture Capital Investment in Australia FY2004 to FY2019

The Department of Industry Science Energy and Resources recently put out the latest edition of the Venture Capital Dashboard tracking the sector going back as far as 2004.  This is compiled based on data that venture funds who are part of two government programs are required to report to the Department.  Here at Techboard we were interested to see how our data capture compared to what was reported to the Department (who by the way was Techboard's first data customer) and thought you might be too.

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