FUNDED 2022: Australian Startup Funding in Review

Techboard is pleased to present its Latest Report, FUNDED 2022, Australian Startup Funding in Review. 

This report includes in depth analysis of Startup Funding in Australia with a strong emphasis on private funding including breakdowns by deal size, funding label, category, state with breakdowns of 2022 activity as well as examination of trends from pre 2022.

The online report is published on Canva and contains 38 interactive charts using the Flourish platform recently acquired by Canva. While the report can be viewed on mobile, the best viewing experience will be on a larger screen.

The funding slowdown that has been heavily reported is explored from a number of angles and the report finds that the drop is not as drastic as might be expected, particularly once mega-deals of $50m and more are taken out of the equation. Average deal sizes (which are reflective of valuations) did take a hit in later deal stages, the level of foreign investment also followed the overall slowdown.

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