Announcement Categories

Currently Companies can make eight different types of announcement:

Special Offer – The company has a special offer… pretty self explanatory.

Product launch/update – The company has launched or updated a product (or service)… pretty self explanatory.

Contract/Partnership – The company has just secured a client, entered into a partnering arrangement, been awarded a contract etc.

Merger/acquisition – The company has just been acquired or has acquired another company, an agreement to acquire has been entered into or an acquisition offer/bid has been made.

Team Update – The company has just made a hire, added a co-founder, is looking for a developer, etc.

Investment – the company has secured an investment offer/closed an investment round or a listed company is seeking investment via a prospectus.
NOTE: before posting any details of the investment/investors etc, the company should ensure that they comply with any publicity or confidentiality terms in their investment agreement and any relevant laws.
WARNING: Companies may be contravening the terms of the Corporations Law if they make announcements effectively advertising investment opportunities. Techboard is not currently set up to enable unlisted companies to make announcements or placing advertisements seeking investment and will not approve any such announcements. Listed Companies are able to make announcements on Techboard about publicly available investment opportunities.

Awards/Recognition – the company been nominated for or received an award or similar recognition.


Other – the good old catch-all.

Please Contact us if you would like us to add more announcement categories

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