Techboard’s top 100 for 2017

Over the course of 2017, Techboard has been tracking metrics on Australian Startups and publishing monthly rankings that rank companies on the extent to which the metrics indicate they are trending or gaining mindshare.  For the Techboard 2017 Awards we compiled a special ranking which included all ranking scores for companies we had been tracking.  For the National Awards we applied certain weightings to the scores in recognition that Techboard did not have a full years data on all companies it had been tracking. For the Western Australian Awards we did not apply any weightings due to having more complete data.  We are now pleased to release the list of the top 100 trending companies for 2017 utilised for the National Awards.

See details of the Techboard 2017 National Awards 

See details of the Techboard 2017 Western Australian Awards 

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Clicking on the link for each company take you through to the company profile for that company on Techboard, where you can access general profile information, any announcements made by the company on Techboard, ranking data and links to news stories, summaries of company milestones and funding outcomes.

The ranking table can be filtered by State, Category or Listing status by clicking at the bottom of the relevant column.