Hyper Anna tops Techboard’s Sector Spotlight on Data Analytics – August 2017

This is the second of Techboard’s Sector Spotlights, where in-between our monthly rankings we are publish a list of the top ranked companies in a particular sector for the previous month.  On this occasion we shine the light on Australian Data Analytics companies, highlighting companies whose primary focus is to extract insights and business intelligence from data.

by Rafael Kimberley-Bowen

Hyper Anna was the top trending startup in the category, having closed a $11m funding round from Sequoia China. Hyper Anna is an artificial intelligence company in the data space, providing organisations with a tool which plugs into their databases and extracts actionable insights. The NSW-based company also attracted strong press coverage and a nomination from our Panel of Experts.

Speaking to Techboard, Natalie Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO of Hyper Anna explained:

“What our users like about our product is smart analytics that is made simple. Our users are time poor, need instant insights to make decisions, so Anna enables this real time data-driven discovery”

Second ranked Wattwatchers saw very strong press coverage and strong growth in its website ranking, along with moderate growth in its social media engagement scores. The energy-monitoring startup allows consumers to see in real time what’s driving power consumption in their homes, and take action to cut their energy costs. It secured $2m in funding led by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which manages the government’s Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

“With energy in the news nearly every day thanks to record high electricity prices, it’s an exciting time to be building an energy-data-as-a-service business with homegrown Australian technologies. Our New Energy Award win in the Australian Technologies Competition in 2016 and successful $4 million Series A capital raise this year have fuelled Wattwatchers’ momentum during a dynamic period of change for the once stable energy sector. Digital disruption is sweeping the industry and will rewrite the consumer experience for energy users and force fundamental change to utility business models.'”Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz.

Sensen Networks was the top trending Victorian company, and third nationally, having announced a planned RTO next month to raise $4.5m at a $36m valuation. The startup provides video analytics solutions, allowing casinos to count gamblers and the size of their bets and councils to automatically monitor parking infringements.

SMG Technologies was the fourth highest trending company. The Brisbane-based advanced predictive analytics business was acquired by Catapult Group for $3.9m, and is the top ranked Queensland startup in August.

Fifth ranked Pointerra entered into a partnership and reseller agreement with C4D Intel (itself ranked sixth), who will sell Pointerra’s tech under a commission-based sales model. The startup has built a powerful cloud based solution for managing, visualising and sharing massive 3D point clouds – and was the only ASX listed company in the top 20 of our Data Analytics category. Pointerra was also the top trending WA startup in the category.

“An important element in Pointerra’s growth strategy is to partner with organisations that generate 3D data as well as those that seek to apply analytics to provide actionable 3D information powering digital asset management solutions.  Our world-first, cloud-deployed 3D technology solution also allows us to access analytics developed by our partners and apply them to our cloud-hosted 3D data at extreme scale in a very low cost on-demand manner, generating rapid digital asset management outcomes at unrivalled scale and cost.  Our recently announced partnership with C4D Intel is a great example of bringing together two agile, entrepreneurial businesses with complimentary technologies delivering a superior yet affordable asset management solution across a range of sectors.”  Ian Olson Co-Founder & Managing Director, Pointerra.

Also in the Data Analytics top ten were Streem (realtime media intelligence platform), Astron (using remote sensing and geospatial technology to deliver environmental intelligence), HIVERY (using artificial intelligence to support business decisions) and TrademarkVision (protecting brands through image recognition and machine learning).

Top 10 Trending Data Analytics Companies August 2017

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