Techboard Ranking Sector Spotlight for July 2017: Augmented/Virtual Reality Companies

Techboard has been publishing its monthly Techboard Ranking which shines a spotlight on the highest trending Australian startups and Young Tech Companies. In order to highlight the work of more great companies, starting this month we have decided that in-between our monthly rankings we are going to publish a list of the top ranked companies in a particular sector. The first cab off the rank is for us to have a look at Companies in the augmented and virtual reality fields. A big thanks to Rafael Kimberley-Bowen and the rest of the Techboard team for their hard work that goes into producing the Techboard Rankings and commentaries. 

In July the virtual and augmented reality space was dominated by learning and training apps.

Perth-based ASX listed Velpic was the top trending AR/VR startup and the only AR/VR company to make it into Techboard’s Overall top 10 in the July Techboard Ranking. The video e-learning platform began offering virtual reality training earlier this year, after it launched the VR Learn app in March. The app was developed in partnership with Cortex Interactive, a developer of VR training content.

“VR for training is clearly now moving past the phase of early adoption and is making its way to mass adoption. Whilst it has long been used within extremely hazardous industries and high-risk environments like the military with big budgets, the technology is now more advanced, relatively inexpensive and widely available. We want to maximise the use of VR technology for workplace education, which is why we have developed Velpic’s leading workplace VR training app to bring VR training solutions to a mass audience.” Velpic CEO Russell Francis. 

Russell Francis, CEO Velpic 

In the June quarter Velpic added new clients APN Newscorp, Noosa Council, Mills Oakley and the British Standards Institute. The startup also confirmed new sales closed in June were 76% higher than the previous record highest month. In July, Velpic partnered with MyCloudCure in the US, setting up a dedicated Velpic sales team within MyCloudCure’s existing managed IT services business.

Diversifly saw improved mindshare in July with news coverage and social media traction, and a nomination from our panel of experts. Diversifly offers a VR training app, focussing on corporate diversity training.  Speaking to Techboard Lucie Hammond, co-founder and CEO of Diversifly said:

“The appetite for VR training continues to grow in the enterprise sector, evidenced by the number of corporate demo’s and innovation panels Diversifly has had the pleasure of participating in recently.” 

tagSpace was the top trending AR/VR company in NSW. The mixed reality software platform pitched to the Sydney Angels in July, and also collected a nomination from our expert panel.

“At tagSpace we have been operating in stealth mode for the last couple of years while developing our proprietary software platform, “tagStorm” which offers businesses a quick and easy end-to-end solution for Mixed Reality. As such, we are thrilled to have already been recognised as one of Australia’s top trending AR technology companies by Techboard.” Paul Martin, Founder & CEO, tagSpace.

Arludo was the fourth highest trending AR/VR company, and the third learning platform in our top four. The Sydney-based edtech startup saw strong improvements in its website metrics, particularly time on site and daily page views. 

“We feel AR has some real potential to help in education and are pleased to be getting our increase in traction recognised.” Michael Kasumovic, Fuunder Arludo.

Snobal and Plattar are the only two Victorian startups in our top ten. Snobal builds VR tools, and Plattar is an AR app builder and content management system.

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