Techboard’s Overall Ranking for 2015

Incorporating fortnightly rankings #1-#7 to 2 December 2015.

On 11 September 2015 Techboard started releasing a ranking of the trending startups and tech companies for the previous fortnight with the purpose of increasing the profile of the great work being done by the companies in the local startup and tech company scene. Since then we have run 7 rankings on a fortnightly basis. On 3 December we held our inaugural event Techboard 2015 as the very first event in the West Tech Fest. For that event we prepared an overall ranking of startups and tech companies, based on the points scored by companies in our first 7 rankings.

Winners of Techboard’s overall Highest Ranking Startup and Listed Tech Company for 2015 were presented at Techboard 2015. As announced on the night, Norwood Systems took out the Highest Trending Listed Tech Company award for the year sponsored by PwC, having notched up the most points in successive rankings over the period.  In the unlisted space, PayTradie took out the Highest Trending Startup award picking up a $1000 cash prize from Eve Investments. Congratulations to both companies for a great achievement.

Techboard is now pleased to release the top 100 trending startups and tech companies for 2015*.  Norwood Systems this year topped Techboard’s overall ranking and PayTradie came in as overall number 2.  Coming in 3rd was Ziptel which has been a solid performer in our rankings but has yet to take our top spot.

In 4th and 5th place were two companies that have each taken out the number one spot in previous rankings, Healthtech Startup, ResApp Heath and EdTech startup Velpic, respectively. So in the top 5 we have 4 spots taken by listed companies but an even split between listed and unlisted in the top 10.

Here is a taster of the top 100 in Techboard’s overall startup ranking for 2015*

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*this 2015 ranking was compiled for the purposes of the awards on 3 December 2015 and excludes the final ranking for 2015 which will come out on Friday 17 December 2015.

We will be undertaking more of an analysis of our rankings over the break and will report our insights in early 2015.

Check out the latest fortnightly ranking and obtain more insight into how the Techboard Startup ranking works here.


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