Techboard 2015 Video

The video from Techboard 2015 recorded by our sponsors the Beacham Group is now available.  The Techboard 2015 event hosted by PwC included a panel session on raising the profile of your startup which was supported by Visible as well as the Techboard 2015 awards.

Watch the whole video by clicking on the video below or select where you want to start viewing:

  • Charlie Gunningham Introduces the Panelists 2:32  
  • Why do we need publicity? surely if you make a great product the customers will spread the word 12.39
  • So lets talk about free publicity (Starting with PR) 20:06
  • Social Media 29:29
  • Lets talk about Blogging 40:00

Questions from the audience:

  • If you were beginning your Startup journey again from scratch what would you do differently? 46:20
  • What is the value in participating in a panel session 48.29
  • In the startup world is there such a thing as bad publicity 52:03
  • Is there one piece of advice you can give on one thing you have tried but doesn’t work…what not to do?53:00
  • Which sort of startups do you think suit crowdfunding?54:30
  • how important a role does the culture of the organisation ply in the promotion of a product or service? 56:35

Raf Kimberley Bowen introducing the Techboard 2015 Awards and discussing the Techboard Startup Ranking 59:07

And the awards 1:02:37


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