New WA Startup Report Released

Today StartupWA released the preliminary report on the startup ecosystem in Western Australia. It is certainly well worth a read and highlights both the extent of the opportunity and challenge for this state from innovation.  It should provide a sound basis for key decisions to support the startup and tech sector.

One thing the Startup WA report does is list 422 Startups, alive and dead.  Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.04.01 AM
Unsurprisingly there is a very strong correlation between startups identified in that report and the 545 startups and technology companies that are listed on Techboard.  We should note that Startup WA’s approach is narrower than the reach of Techboard with the Boundlss report targeting young digital technology firms whereas Techboard does not discriminate on age of the company or technology. From our work on Techboard we know first hand what is involved in putting together such a list, validating, categorising and making calls for whether you feel they should be listed so congratulations go out to the Boundlss team.

Download the Report

The Team at Techboard applauds the efforts of Boundlss to date and looks forward to seeing the final report in February.  The Boundlss team and StartupWA welcome feedback on the Preliminary report.

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