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Norwood Systems provides voice, messaging and data services to consumers, enterprises and carriers globally, leveraging its’ federated telecommunications services network partnerships.

Our mission is to deliver disruptive end-user communications apps that streamline and simplify how users around the world can access affordable, high-quality telecommunications services – anywhere, anytime.

Norwood has product lines that service the B2B, B2C and B2B2C markets.

Business products are branded Corona and include on-premise and cloud versions of the platform aimed at delivering corporate connectivity to businesses in Australia and globally.

For Consumers, Norwood has launched World Phone for both iOS and Android to tremendous globally success and has announced and is testing two new apps - World Message and World WiFi.

The third market segment, B2B2C, is the part of Norwood’s business that deals with global telco carriers. Concerned by the impact of OTT apps and services on their business, they are increasingly looking for partners to provide these services to their customers in a consistent and coherent manner.

Norwood Systems listed on the ASX in June 2015 via a reverse listing process and trades with the stock ticker NOR.

Category: Telecom, Travel
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable): NOR
Year of Commencement: 2011

4 Leura Street, Nedlands, Perth WA 6009

State: New South Wales, Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
Awards won:

2014 WAITTA Incite Awards:
Corona - Winner New Product Award
Corona - Winner Industry Domain, Financial

2014 National iAwards
Corona - Winner New Product Award
Corona - National Merit Recognition Award Industry Domain, Industrial

2015 WAITTA Incite Awards
World Phone - Winner New Product Award
World Phone - Winner Consumer Category

2015 National iAwards
World Phone - Winner Consumer Category

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