Norwood (ASX:NOR) Invites Applications for Worldwide Beta Testing of World Wi-Fi

Company Name: Norwood Systems

Announcement Date: 12/09/2017
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
Announcement Content:

* Norwood is now commencing public beta testing of its consumer-focused World Wi-Fi App
* World Wi-Fi addresses the three core Wi-Fi usage issues of discoverability, connectability and security
* Norwood is now inviting applications from persons interested in beta testing World Wi-Fi for iOS, with a similar process due to commence for World Wi-Fi for Android in roughly 4 to 6 weeks’ time.
* Beta testers of World Wi-Fi for iOS will need Apple’s Public Beta of iOS 11 pre-installed on their handset, as this is a prerequisite for running World Wi-Fi for iOS
* The beta testing process will run for approximately three weeks prior to the expected date for the full release of World Wi-Fi for iOS

‘Sharing Economy’ telecommunications pioneer Norwood Systems Ltd (Norwood or the Company) (ASX: NOR) is pleased to announce the commencement of a tightly-scoped global beta testing programme for the Company’s soon to be released World Wi-Fi for iOS App.

The purpose of this beta test programme is to identify and correct any last-minute issues prior to the full release of World Wi-Fi for iOS. This will be the first large scale consumer test of World Wi-Fi for iOS and the Company is excited to see the initial consumer reaction to the service.

World Wi-Fi a revolutionary Wi-Fi access App that connects to Norwood’s global federated Wi-Fi network using World Wi-Fi’s integrated and sophisticated discoverability, connectivity and security features. World Wi-Fi was chosen in 2016 as a National iAwards Finalist, under the “Most Disruptive Technology” category.

Beta testers of the World Wi-Fi for iOS App will need the latest version of Apple’s public beta of iOS 11 to be pre-installed on their device. It is a strict prerequisite for testing the App, as it uses several of Apple’s latest APIs needed to deliver the targeted user experience.

Given the global nature of World Wi-Fi, Norwood will be looking to maximise the geographic diversity of testers’ locations worldwide. In addition to unsolicited inbound requests, beta testers from around the world are being recruited using a targeted Facebook advertising campaign that will direct users to a landing page on the Company’s website for instructions on how to participate the beta.

Norwood reserves its absolute right to exercise its sole and final discretion on World Wi-Fi for iOS beta tester selections, with no guarantee or promise of selection made to any applicant. Successful beta testing applicants will be notified within 5 days via an email containing instructions on how to download the beta version of World Wi-Fi for iOS along with instructions for reporting any issues or other feedback regarding the usability or functionality of the App.

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About Norwood Systems:

Norwood Systems provides voice, messaging and data services to consumers, enterprises and carriers globally, leveraging its’ federated telecommunications services network partnerships.

Our mission is to deliver disruptive end-user communications apps that streamline and simplify how users around the world can access affordable, high-quality telecommunications services – anywhere, anytime.

Norwood has product lines that service the B2B, B2C and B2B2C markets.

Business products are branded Corona and include on-premise and cloud versions of the platform aimed at delivering corporate connectivity to businesses in Australia and globally.

For Consumers, Norwood has launched World Phone for both iOS and Android to tremendous globally success and has announced and is testing two new apps - World Message and World WiFi.

The third market segment, B2B2C, is the part of Norwood’s business that deals with global telco carriers. Concerned by the impact of OTT apps and services on their business, they are increasingly looking for partners to provide these services to their customers in a consistent and coherent manner.

Norwood Systems listed on the ASX in June 2015 via a reverse listing process and trades with the stock ticker NOR.

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