Techboard Update 21 April 2016

Techboard Problem Solvers Board

Techboard is now taking registrations from Problem Solvers who want to promote their services to Startups and Tech companies. Solvers (service providers) are only listed if they are validated by a company listed on Techboard by creating a connection describing the service, which the startup receiving the service can comment on. Once a company is validated the connection appears on both the Problem Solver’s and Company’s profiles. When we have more problem solvers registered we will activate the Board to enable startups and Tech companies to search for suitable Solvers. We feel that the approach we are taking with Problem solvers provides greater opportunity for Startups and Tech companies to have their profiles raised by their service providers who are incentivised to talk about what they have done to help a company listed on Techboard.

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Techboard’s Homepage has been updated with more videos including featured Companies and a new widgetised structure that enables us to add new components when they come on line such as the Problem Solvers Board. Check it out.


Techknow Invest Roadshow Videos

Videos from companies presenting at the Techknow Invest Roadshow are now available on Techboard. Just visit the homepage.



It has been a busy few weeks for announcements on Techboard with 23 announcements since our last general update on 1 April. We have had product Launches, Team updates, rebrandings and news updates announced on the platform with too many to list here so here are some highlights.  All announcements are published on company profiles and can also be viewed here.

  1. iWebGate signs provider for NASA and US Air Force.
  2. Launching our New Explainer Video –
  3. iSignthis and Coinify deliver AML regulatory compliance for easily, instantly & securely buying bitcoin via cards
  4. Astron’s automated shark detection product Sentinel VDS featured in local media
  5. New Co-founders join My Storage
  6. Storekat listed as a top 5 to watch on ideashoist
  7. MiPlan is featured in National Mining Chronicle – March edition for product innovation
  8. PD Online rebrands as CourseGenius
  9. Launching our latest – Paytradie Explainer Video
  10. Norwood Systems TechKnow Roadshow Presentation April 2016
  11. Astron to develop intelligent shark detection system using drones
  12. Fleetsu – Exciting First Quarter
  13. Velpic Releases Mobile App
  14. Aeronavics and Australia’s Airscope form partnership

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