Problem Solver Listings on Techboard

Techboard has finally finished the development of our new problem solvers platform.

This Platform will help Startups to find service providers to help solve their problems, from getting money, legal structuring to programming and design.  The platform will also help service providers promote themselves to startup and tech company clients.

The Techboard Problem Solver's Board enables problem solvers to be verified or validated by a company listed on Techboard. The connection requests are submitted by problem solvers and are only visible to other users on Techboard once they are accepted by the Company. Once accepted by the Company the connection will appear on both the profile of the Startup and of the Problem Solver.

Problem solvers can create as many connections as they wish, which can both help validate their experience but also be a useful promotional tool.

Problem Solvers Promotional opportunities:

  1. On the company profile of all companies they are connected to on Techboard
  2. On their own profile
  3. Recent connections on the homepage and on the main Problem Solvers page
  4. These connections are an announcement of sorts - that enable the problem solver to detail the work they have done for a company.