How to get more VC Investment into WA Companies – Techboard RSM Roundtable

EDITED - EVENT COMPLETED Techboard is running its latest Techboard Roundtable in Perth in conjunction with RSM on 3 December 2019 during the West Tech Fest running from 2 to 8 December 2019. VIDEO AVAILABLE... See below.

We are very pleased to announce the fifth and latest in the Techboard series of Roundtable events in conjunction with RSM.

Techboard's first WA Roundtable in December 2018 identified a major gap in WA was the availability of Venture Capital investment in the state . Our last WA Roundtable explored if WA needed a $100m VC fund.  This Roundtable will be continuing the VC funding theme exploring the question of how we get more VC investment into WA companies.

Reported private funding to Western Australian startups and tech companies dropped 25% over the course of the last year while private funding nationally was on the increase, jumping from $946m in 17/18 to $2.27b in 18/19. While no everyone is in agreement that we have a problem in WA with private investment into startup and tech, what we are seeing is a lack of growth or vibrancy. 

To discuss this issue we assembled an excellent panel including a good working knowledge of the Perth ecosystem as well as expertise from elsewhere including from across Australia both major city based and minor capital cities as well as the United States and United Kingdom.

The panel comprised:

Elaine Stead, Human VC (Brisbane and Adelaide)

Rachael Neumann, AWS Startups (Melbourne, US, UK)

Dan Hookham, Level 19 (Perth)

David Cannington, Nuheara (Perth, US)

Kath Giles, Oncores Medical

Peter van Bruchem, Techboard

Facilitated by:

Stephen Carroll, RSM


When: EVENT COMPLETED Tuesday 3 December 2019 2:30pm-5:30pm

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