Techboard 2015 Video

The video from Techboard 2015 recorded by our sponsors the Beacham Group is now available.  The Techboard 2015 event hosted by PwC included a panel session on raising the profile of your startup which was supported by Visible as well as the Techboard 2015 awards.

Watch the whole video by clicking on the video below or select where you want to start viewing:

  • Charlie Gunningham Introduces the Panelists 2:32  
  • Why do we need publicity? surely if you make a great product the customers will spread the word 12.39
  • So lets talk about free publicity (Starting with PR) 20:06
  • Social Media 29:29
  • Lets talk about Blogging 40:00

Questions from the audience:

  • If you were beginning your Startup journey again from scratch what would you do differently? 46:20
  • What is the value in participating in a panel session 48.29
  • In the startup world is there such a thing as bad publicity 52:03
  • Is there one piece of advice you can give on one thing you have tried but doesn’t work…what not to do?53:00
  • Which sort of startups do you think suit crowdfunding?54:30
  • how important a role does the culture of the organisation ply in the promotion of a product or service? 56:35

Raf Kimberley Bowen introducing the Techboard 2015 Awards and discussing the Techboard Startup Ranking 59:07

And the awards 1:02:37


Techboard’s Overall Ranking for 2015

Incorporating fortnightly rankings #1-#7 to 2 December 2015.

On 11 September 2015 Techboard started releasing a ranking of the trending startups and tech companies for the previous fortnight with the purpose of increasing the profile of the great work being done by the companies in the local startup and tech company scene. Since then we have run 7 rankings on a fortnightly basis. On 3 December we held our inaugural event Techboard 2015 as the very first event in the West Tech Fest. For that event we prepared an overall ranking of startups and tech companies, based on the points scored by companies in our first 7 rankings.

Winners of Techboard’s overall Highest Ranking Startup and Listed Tech Company for 2015 were presented at Techboard 2015. As announced on the night, Norwood Systems took out the Highest Trending Listed Tech Company award for the year sponsored by PwC, having notched up the most points in successive rankings over the period.  In the unlisted space, PayTradie took out the Highest Trending Startup award picking up a $1000 cash prize from Eve Investments. Congratulations to both companies for a great achievement.

Techboard is now pleased to release the top 100 trending startups and tech companies for 2015*.  Norwood Systems this year topped Techboard’s overall ranking and PayTradie came in as overall number 2.  Coming in 3rd was Ziptel which has been a solid performer in our rankings but has yet to take our top spot.

In 4th and 5th place were two companies that have each taken out the number one spot in previous rankings, Healthtech Startup, ResApp Heath and EdTech startup Velpic, respectively. So in the top 5 we have 4 spots taken by listed companies but an even split between listed and unlisted in the top 10.

Here is a taster of the top 100 in Techboard’s overall startup ranking for 2015* Read More

New WA Startup Report Released

Today StartupWA released the preliminary report on the startup ecosystem in Western Australia. It is certainly well worth a read and highlights both the extent of the opportunity and challenge for this state from innovation.  It should provide a sound basis for key decisions to support the startup and tech sector.

One thing the Startup WA report does is list 422 Startups, alive and dead.  Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.04.01 AM
Unsurprisingly there is a very strong correlation between startups identified in that report and the 545 startups and technology companies that are listed on Techboard.  We should note that Startup WA’s approach is narrower than the reach of Techboard with the Boundlss report targeting young digital technology firms whereas Techboard does not discriminate on age of the company or technology. From our work on Techboard we know first hand what is involved in putting together such a list, validating, categorising and making calls for whether you feel they should be listed so congratulations go out to the Boundlss team.

Download the Report

The Team at Techboard applauds the efforts of Boundlss to date and looks forward to seeing the final report in February.  The Boundlss team and StartupWA welcome feedback on the Preliminary report.

About Techboard is the place for Western Australian Startups and Tech companies to get noticed. Companies can claim their profiles or create their own for free. They can also use the Techboard announcements platform to share their successes big and small with the growing Techboard crowd.


The Techboard Team

Techboard 2015 Awards

Last night Techboard opened the 2015 West Tech Fest with an evening of celebrating the accomplishments of our local startups and tech companies. Norwood Systems took out the Highest Trending Listed Tech Company award for the year sponsored by PwC, having notched up the most points in successive rankings over the period. In the unlisted space, PayTradie took out the Highest Trending Startup award picking up a $1000 cash prize from Eve Investments. Congratulations to both companies for a great achievement. Next week we’ll be publishing our top 100 companies of 2015.

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Techboard 2015 – Community Award

At the Techboard 2015 event on 3 December an award will be presented to the individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Startup Ecosystem in WA. The shortlisted candidates have been picked by our panel of experts. We are putting the final choice out to the Techboard Crowd. The award will be presented by The Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken.

The Nominees are:

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Black Friday Update

It has been another big fortnight for Techboard since our last update. Following the meltdown of our website on the release of our 4th ranking we have successfully transitioned our hosting to a new more stable provider courtesy of our sponsors, Visible as a result, the Techboard website survived the flood of visitors for the 5th ranking with no problems. Read More

PERTH 2.0 – Map 1: Joining the Dots

Download the full map and report here: PERTH 2.0 – Joining The Dots.



This mapping exercise is the first in Techboard’s Perth 2.0: After the Boom series, through which we hope to offer a variety of perspectives into Perth’s nascent startup and technology company ecosystem.

The startup and technology sector has the potential to drive future economic growth in this state, and as such is deserving of our attention. In this first map we focus on the inter-connectedness of the ecosystem.

Please get in touch with any comments or feedback on this map, or if you are interested in collaborating on future reports.

Capture Read More

Techboard 2015 – Invitation

Techboard 2015

Techboard has been running the Techboard Ranking, a fortnightly listing of Western Australia’s trending startups and technology companies since September. The event, sponsored by PwC is a celebration of WA’s trending startups and tech companies.

As part of the event we will be running a panel session on raising the profile of WA’s PWC_logostartups and tech companies facilitated by Charlie Gunningham from Business News. The panellists are all founders of unlisted startups and listed tech companies: Russell Francis from Velpic, Miles Burke from 6Q, Brian Leedman from ResApp Health, Andrew Hagen from Cycliq, Marcus Holmes from //Startup News and Becky Lee from OneVR.

A number of awards will be presented on the night including the Startup Awardlogo
sponsored by Eve Investments.  We are also pleased to announce that the Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken has agreed to present the Community award to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to Startups in Perth.
We will be putting this award to the vote in coming weeks.


Time: 5.00pm for a 5.30pm start until 7:30pm
Date: Thursday 3 December 2015
Venue: PWC, Brookfield Place
Cost: Free

Register for this event HERE and come along and help celebrate the companies that have been performing well in the rankings and get some insights on raising the profile of your startup.


Techboard Onboarding Session on 15 October 2015

Techboard is running more Onboarding sessions to help Companies with owned profiles get the most out of Techboard but also for us to get feedback on company’s experiences with Techboard to date and seeking their input into our future initiatives.

There are still places left for our onboarding session on Thursday 15th October from 4.45pm for a 5pm start til 7pm at the offices of our partners the Beacham Group. We are offering a free video interview to any of the companies that come along. Just like the ten videos we have on the front page of Techbaord. The last two session we had was great with excellent feedback from the participants which will all feed into making Techboard as effective as possible a tool to help WA Startups grow.

If you would like to attend the event on the evening of the 15 October 2015 Register Here.

Please note these sessions are only open to companies that have claimed their company profile on Techboard. Don’t worry if you haven’t claimed yours yet it is free and only takes a few minutes. 

Want to know more about claiming ownership of Profiles? click here.

The Techboard Team