Techboard Interviews

Techboard is pleased to bring you Interviews of Startup Founders and other key players in Australia's Startup and Tech Ecosystem.

Lend me your ear as Tim Dean from Credi talks to Techboard

Introducing Our Innovation Fund: Techboard speaks with Laurence Schwartz and Jerry Stesel

A budding industry – Techboard speaks with Adam Miller, CEO of Budding Tech about the future and opportunity of medical Cannabis in Australia and around the world.

Energising the Blockchain – Dr Jemma Green speaks with Techboard about the future of Power and Power Ledger’s historic Initial Coin Offering

The Smart Move into A.I. – H2 Venture’s Toby Heap speaks with Techboard on the opportunities in data and the advantages of a long-term VC play.

Investing in People and Products: Opportunities in pre-IPO investment in Australia. Techboard speaks with Alium Capital’s Rajeev Gupta

Anywhere, Any Product, Any Service, Anywhere in the World: Marketplacer’s Jason Wyatt speaks with Techboard about bringing online trading to every imaginable product

Democratising Equity Investment: Equitise’s Chris Gilbert on the changing landscape of investment in Australia.

Revolutionising the Consulting Profession: Techboard speaks with Bridget Loudon

Keeping Your Start-up DNA: Prospa’s Beau Bertoli talks to Techboard about how to manage a high-growth scale-up

Building a Digital Bridge to China: Techboard speaks with Nicolas Chu

Investing in ‘Good Humans’ – Dr. Elaine Stead speaks with Techboard about the future of Venture Capital in Australia

Balanced Success - Techboard talks to Mark Maloney

Bringing Innovation to Venture Capital: Techboard speaks with Jeremy Liddle

Jetstar to ROKTstar – Techboard talks to Bruce Buchanan CEO of Sydney Startup ROKT

Disruptive Parcels: Sendle’s James Chin Moody on the importance of focus in an ever changing technological landscape.