Techboard’s Highest Ranked Startups for Q2 2016

Yesterday we held a lunch to congratulate the highest ranked startups on Techboard for the second quarter of 2016. These were the companies (unlisted and listed) with the highest cumulative total points in our fortnightly Startup Ranking for the 3 months to 30 June 2016. The lunch hosted by our generous sponsors PWC gave the winners the opportunity to have a private discussion with members of Techboard’s Panel of Experts (on this occasion Charlie Gunningham and Sheryl Frame), Scott James and Ben Berthon-Jones from our sponsor PWC and Techboard co-founders Peter van Bruchem and Rafael Kimberley Bowen.

Topics discussed over lunch

A very interesting and useful discussion was had on issues including:

  • startups obtaining funding from public capital markets and the importance of investor relations.
  • the role of intellectual property, exclusive manufacturing agreements and scientific and clinical validation on commercialisation strategy and company valuations
  • the use of crowdfunding by startups and listed companies as a way of generating funding, getting market validation and raising market awareness for a product.
  • changes to the approach taken by the ATO on auditing R&D claims.
  • the new innovation tax incentive.

We won’t be going into the details of those conversations here but will hope to address some of these issues in our Techboard interview series.

So who were the highest ranked startups?

ePat was highest ranked unlisted startup. Nuheara and Shark Mitigation Systems were equal highest ranked listed startups. Here are Craig Anderson from Shark Mitigation Systems, Mustafa Atee from ePat and Justin Miller from Nuheara accepting their awards from our very own Peter van Bruchem and Raf Kimberley-Bowen.

Untitled drawing

28 July 2016

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