The Techboard Directory … An Update

Startup and Tech Company data is at the very core of what Techboard is. Central to Techboard's data collection and monitoring efforts is the Techboard Directory. Once we have added a company to the directory we start tracking traction and growth metrics on the company, such as funding events as will be featured in our upcoming Annual Funding Report out soon. Since the beginning of 2017 we have been working hard to grow the directory from a Western Australian focused directory to a truly national directory of Australian startups and young tech companies. 

Techboard is growing and maintaining the most comprehensive directory of Australian startups and tech companies ever assembled. Features of the Techboard Directory include:

  • company profiles are set up by Techboard (which are claimable by companies for free) or set up by a company and populated with data from the company and Techboard;
  • contents of profiles: overview/elevator pitch, optional video, contact info/social media, key personnel, awards etc, announcements, ranking and related data (current and best ranking) and traction data (inserted by Techboard) news, funding and milestones
  • company profiles are fully searchable by name, keyword and filterable by category and state;
  • company profiles currently contain funding events and milestones from earlier funding periods; and
  • will soon incorporate the ability to search companies by funding events/type (only on a subscription model, yet to be implemented).
  • our focus is on startups and young tech companies, companies that are technology/IP driven or otherwise have high growth potential. 
  • Techboard covers privately owned unlisted companies and publicly listed companies trading on the ASX.

Techboard includes companies in its directory that meet its listing criteria which are available at:

We have allocated up to three categories to each company as explained in this post about our recent re-categorisation project from earlier this year where we revised our categorisation approach and recategorised all companies then on the platform. The post also includes the full list of our current categories:

At the start of 2017 we had a little over 700 companies in the Directory. We still have a fair bit to go to get full coverage which may be over 5000 companies but, if that is the number of startups in Australia we are more than half way with now over 2800 profiles in the Techboard Directory.  The growth in the Techboard Directory is illustrated below.

We began in Western Australia and generated a close to complete list of startups/tech cos we could find before commencing the creation of the directory. Since we began going national in 2017 we have instead focussed on capturing companies hitting the press and hitting milestones, with a special focus on funding events. We are therefore confident that we have the large majority of higher profile active companies that meet our criteria and a very high proportion of higher profile Australia’s startups and young tech companies.

Techboard collects growth and traction data in addition to funding data on all companies in the Techboard Directory. The data captured includes:

  • press coverage;
  • awards and other milestones;
  • search engine ranking and time spent on website;
  • social media engagement (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Techboard);
  • ASX share price movement; and
  • employee growth

This was originally collected for the purpose of conducting the Techboard Ranking of trending startups and young tech companies, published in WA throughout 2015/16 and nationally during 2017. We are continuing to collect this data as a useful indicator of traction and growth. If you are interested in getting access to this data get in contact.

Our latest batch of around 200 companies have come from our data collection efforts for our upcoming funding report.