Coming Soon: Techboard’s Annual Funding Report

EDITED: the FY 17/18 Techboard funding report is now available.

The 2017/18 financial year is drawing to a close and the Techboard team is working towards its first Annual Funding Report covering funding events by Australian startups and young tech companies confirmed during the 2017/18 financial year. This will be the most comprehensive annual funding report covering the Australian Startup and Tech Ecosystem ever.  We want to make sure we cover as many funding events as possible so we are calling on the support and assistance from companies, advisors, investors/funders and others to help supplement our dataset.

Our funding reports cover accelerators, acquisitions, angel/seed, crowdfunding (reward + equity), venture debt, grant/prize, initial coin offerings, initial public offerings and reverse take overs, ASX placements and venture capital/large private investment. Our very first national annual funding report will include a full overview of the year in Startup and Tech funding in Australia, include a detailed analysis all funding events in the reports published for the year to date and any others that are discovered as well as breakdowns by period, funding type, category/sector and state.   

I think this is going to be a big report. The period isn't yet finished and we have a fair bit of work ahead of us to gather and process all the data but based on what we have seen in the FY so far it looks like the total amount of funding in the report may even exceed $3B for the year.

Announcing and Reporting Funding Events to Techboard

Our data comes from a variety of sources including of course the excellent startup and tech sector press in Australia as well as deals, grants and other funding events that are announced on Techboard by Companies wishing to increase their exposure and reported to us by companies, investors and advisors, either via our funding event submission form or directly via email.  We are also entering into partnering arrangements with Investors, Investor Groups and Advisors whereby they report deals to us in exchange for increased exposure contact us if you want to know more.

How can deals be reported to us?

  1. Companies can make an announcement on the Announcements Platform (if they have claimed/or set up their company profile -  read about claiming your profile).
  2. Investors, Advisors, or companies can Report investments to us using our online reporting form.
  3. By entering the National Angel Awards 2018.
  4. Email us at [email protected].

Thanks for your support.


Peter van Bruchem

CEO and Chief Startup Evangelist

Partnering/Sponsorship opportunities

The last Techboard Funding Reports got great exposure in the press and our reports are becoming a significant authoritative data source of startup and tech funding in Australia.

See the press coverage of our March Report:

We are actively seeking data partners and sponsors for our Funding Reports. We have a variety of partnering options ranging from supporting partner for $5,000 through to naming rights. Get in touch for more information.