The final FUNDED for 2021

Welcome to the final edition of FUNDED for 2021, our sixth, rounding out H1 of FY22.

On our preliminary scan of December to date (we are closing off early for Christmas) we have captured 66 funding events including 60 Private/VC raises totalling over $1.4 Billion, the third month in FY22 which has seen private/VC funding exceed $1 Billion (September was by far the biggest month with over $1.8b). Even noting that our data for December is only preliminary, we have captured $6.18b for H1 of FY22 compared to the $4.26b we captured during the entirety of FY21.

We will be undertaking further analysis of our data for H1 FY22 which will be published in early 2022.

November FUNDED revisited…. In the last edition of FUNDED we reported 55 funding events in our preliminary review, which after further research and review we lifted that number to to 119 funding events including 61 private investments, which raised a total of $867m. There was a megaround we noticed for Simpro who raised $486m. that deal did not make it into our data due to company's age (19 years). Those funding events have been added to the Techboard database, along with new company, investor and founder profiles, bringing Techboard’s tallies to the end of October to 4203 funding events, 4582 Companies, 1671 funders and investors and 40191 company founders.

Find out more about FUNDED. While the list below is lengthy it is far from the complete list of what we capture. For access to our full data capture, sorted, catalogued and full searchable, inquire about a data subscription.

Who’s been FUNDED?

(This is just a sample of the deals we captured in November - Commercial Subscribers get the full list + full searchable access to all funding data captured by Techboard since 30 July 2017).

Megarounds (>$50m)

  • Rokt banks a record $458m and is valued at $2.75b.
  • raises $129m in a series B and strikes a deal with Sonic Healthcare.
  • Pet Circle becomes Australia’s newest unicorn with a $125m raise.
  • Eftsure receives around $100m in private investment.
  • Household Capital secures $300 million financing from IFM and Citi.


  • QuickaPay acquired by RapidPay.
  • SocietyOne to be acquired by MoneyMe for $132m.
  • Brookfield acquires a 50% stake in IntelliHUB for $1b.
  • Lacima has been acquired by the European Energy Exchange (EEX).
  • Streem bought by Cision.

Other Funding Events (VC/Private, Public(ASX), ECF, Debt, Grants/Awards)

  • Online retailer Automotive Superstore successfully raises $6.5m.
  • Emmi closes a $3.5m seed raise.
  • Elenium Automation successfully raises another $10m.
  • Accounting automation tech startup Amaka raises $5m.
  • Codeless app building startup Cogniss has raised $1.1m via CSF.
  • Relevance AI gets overseas backing in its US$3m raise.
  • EnGeneIC completes a $5m pre-IPO raise with plans to list in the US next year.
  • Marketplacer secures $38m in private funding.
  • Tiger Global leads Carma’s massive $28m seed round.
  • Ofload completes a $20m series A raise.
  • Sample completes a $920k pre-seed raise.
  • Space startup Skykraft closes a $3.5m raise.
  • Tritium secures a $126m debt facility.

Other funding events for our paid subscribers: Our paid subscribers get access to the full list containing another 22 funding events.

VC/Funder News

  • Investible has closed its second early-stage fund with $51.6m in the bank.
  • Afterpay Ventures backs Skalata Ventures’ $50m second fund.

Who’s Looking for Funding?

  • Mining tech SensOre is reading to list in January.
  • Eucalyptus is currently raising $60m in a series C round.
  • Douugh is raising $5m via placement and SPP.
  • Mosh is seeking up to $25m in a pre-IPO raise.
  • Bitcoin minder Firmus Grid set to list on the ASX in 2022.
  • Dovetail close to completing an $86m raise.
  • eBev is seeking a $2m to $3m pre-IPO raise.
  • Credit Clear is seeking a $29.5m post-listing raise.
  • Slyp is seeking a $20m to $30m raise from family offices and wealthy individuals.