Techboard’s Data Powering Startup Reports

Last week Techboard had a big week. We were in Sydney for the launch of no less than three Reports. Two reports were powered by Techboard data and one produced by Techboard.

The first report was launched at an event hosted by Canva. The Tech Council of Australia's "Turning Australia into a Regional Tech Hub Report" by McKinsey examines where Australia has a global comparative advantage in the tech sector, where our next wave of tech growth may come from, and how we can continue to attract new companies and investment to Australia. The Launch event also featured the Launch of the Australian Quantum Alliance.

The next two reports were launched at a gala dinner at the Sydney Town Hall to celebrate the tenth year anniversary for SBE Australia. SBE had Commissioned a report by Deloitte Access Economics to examine the impact that SBE's programs and those by Scale Investors and Heads of Heels had on businesses they had assisted. The report entitled "Accelerating women founders: The untapped investment opportunity" also contained data provided by Techboard into the distribution of private capital into women led businesses and highlighted the very low share of overall private capital that was secured by women founded ventures.

See the TCA and SBE Reports

Report by McKinsey for the Tech Council of Australia

Report for SBE Australia by Deloitte Access Economics

Finally, Techboard's own report "Funding For Women Led Ventures" was launched in conjunction with SBE as a companion report to the Deloitte Report.  Techboard's report contains a review of the overall funding landscape in FY22 and where that sits in the the context of the last five years of funding data captured by Techboard. The report identifies a number of concerning trends, some of which are continued themes from our last Report on Female Founder Funding, others which are emerging issues.


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