Techboard Assembles NSW Panel of Experts

With Techboard expanding its ranking outside of just Western Australia to Cover New South Wales we have been assembling a group of Startup sector luminaries from NSW to assist with a key input into our Monthly Startup Ranking.

Every month we get our experts to tell us who has caught their¬†eye over the past month. We’re not at all prescriptive in this exercise, it’s entirely up to our panelists as to how they¬†evaluate which companies are most worthy of recognition. They can be startups you they know¬†personally, or have just read about. They might be businesses that have won an award, that have just signed a big customer, or simply where the management team has impressed¬†with what they are doing.¬†

A big thanks to the NSW panelists that have joined us to date (in no particular order):

Pete Cooper, Ian Gardiner, Amanda Price, Andres Reith, Jeremy Liddle, Daniel Goldie, Ben Wong, Krish Patel, John Hagerty, Alan Jones, Aaron LePoidevin, Gemma Manning, Jeremy Liddle, Sandrina Postorino, Shaun Symm and Phoebe Zhang.

We are continuing to add to our NSW panel so please contact us if you are interested in being involved. To keep up with the current membership of the NSW panel or to see the WA panel go to our Startup Ranking page.

Our January and February Rankings have both covered NSW startups with over 200 NSW Startups being covered

NSW Startups can claim their profiles or set up their own if we have not yet created on for them.

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