Take a fresh approach to PR with Techboard’s Announcements platform

Techboard is the place for Perth and Western Australian Startups and Tech companies to build their crowd.

Companies who have claimed their profile can make announcements on the Techboard Announcements Platform.

In its early days Techboard is targeting startups and tech companies, their founders, the startup watchers, investors who are actively looking at the Tech sector… the startup and tech fanboys and girls. Later on Techboard aims to sell WAs startups to the general business community and the general public.


So what should I announce?

Don’t limit yourself to news that traditional media channels are interested in…. your fans are interested in your little steps, and your incremental progress as well as your huge ‘newsworthy’ wins. 

Think of it as user generated micro-news for your niche audience.

So tell the Techboard Crowd about your product launches or updates.

You have just hired a gun developer great… tell us.

You have signed up another great user or customer.. awesome… share it.

You just made your first sale… celebrate it with the crowd.

Money has just hit your bank account from your investors – share the news… even if the investors are shy and don’t want to be named.

Anything happening that gets you excited… tell the crowd.


Why make announcements?

let your current and future fans that you are a company to watch.

help encourage others in the scene.

show that you are developing cool products with product launch/update announcements.

show that you are on a trajectory for greatness.

help to find team members or employees with Team announcements.

get users, team members, fans and even investors.


But the Techboard crowd is pretty small… why should I bother???

Sure Techboard is new… if Perth and Western Australia’s startups and Tech Companies get on board and share their wins… people will soon flock to Techboard for the latest developments and trends in the Western Australian Startup and Tech scene.

Get on board, make announcements, get noticed.


To find out more check out the Techboard.



Peter van Bruchem

[email protected]



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