Why the Techboard?

Welcome to my very first blog post on Techboard.

In this post I will outline the reasoning behind why we have established Techboard.

Many people will have observed that Perth’s startup and tech company scene is currently undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. This is all good… BUT here at Techboard we believe that collectively we can do better and believe information and communication of that information is at the core of our collective success.

We are seeing an increasing appetite for information on startups and tech companies and this is evidenced by the traditional media starting to pick up on it.  While there is great information available on the startup scene generally there is not enough information available on the companies themselves. We feel that much of the activity flies under the radar and as a result some people assume that the level of activity is lower than it actually is. If we can more effectively whet that appetite for information that too will grow.  We are also seeing an increasing interest in supporting local businesses, whether that be a food producer, a local farm, coffee roaster or app developer, web platform operator or telecoms company. Techboard aims to tap into these themes.

But what is the real reason behind Techboard?

It is our belief that if information about Startups and Tech Companies was more readily available then this may influence a number of things that would benefit the sector and the community at large including:

  1. more and more visible success stories
  2. more and more visible role models
  3. more local sales
  4. more investment
  5. more support
  6. more startups
  7. more success
  8. more kids interested in science and technology
  9. more kids studying science and engineering related disciplines
  10. more kids looking to startups as a career choice
  11. more valuable and rewarding jobs for our kids

While we would not be as arrogant to suggest that the Sector in Perth NEEDS Techboard and won’t succeed without Techboard it is our sincere hope and belief that Techboard can play a role in helping influence the success of Startups and grownup Tech Companies, both individually and collectively as a sector.

Get on board and help us help you and the Startup and Tech scene.


Peter van Bruchem

Editor and Founder


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