So what actually is Techboard?

Techboard is a community engagement & discovery platform for the Western Australian Startup and Grownup Technology company scene:

– for companies to get noticed, connect with a broader audience and grow their crowd.

– to general observers to discover and explore companies and what they are doing and find some great products and services.

– for fans to get and stay up to date date on what Companies are doing.

– to potential co-founders or employees to discover and learn about a company they might want to work for or partner with.

– for investors to discover and learn about a company they might want to invest in.

What does that mean?

All WA Startups and Tech Companies get a profile (we have prepopulated over 300 so far – and we are not halfway through our list)  – which they can choose to claim… they can then make announcements and engage with the Techboard crowd that we are building.

We will be actively working to expand the reach of startups and Tech companies in and from Perth and Western Australia – with a local emphasis.

Techboard make it easier for startup watchers to find companies from Perth and Western Australia. Know what sector industry or technology you are interested in…use Techboard to find companies that are in that space.

So who is the Techboard Crowd?

The Techboard crowd is startups and tech companies, their founders, the startup watchers, investors and others who are actively looking at the Tech sector… the startup and tech fanboys and girls. We are working to build this crowd that startups and Tech companies can use to supplement their own crowd.

It is about helping to supercharge your own marketing and PR efforts.


So get on board, get involved and get noticed


To find out more check out the Techboard.



Peter van Bruchem

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