The Month in Startup and Tech – February 2018

During February the Techboard team were busy with a major company re-categorisation project (more on that later).We have had less time to devote to the partly manual identification of milestones and funding outcomes on over 2000 companies so this month we bring you an abridged version of  "The Month in Australian Startup and Tech" Report for February 2018.

This month our report reveals over $250M in funding events across 37 companies. The largest individual event was the acquisition of Elastagen for $120m by Allergan, the maker of Botox.  Significant capital raises that we have picked up on include Uno ($25M), Livetiles ($20M), Botanix ($15M), Linius ($10M), BrickX ($9M), Bitcar ($8.6M) Simble ($7.5M).

We are heading up to the end of the quarter.... when we produce our quarterly funding reports. We aim to capture all announced funding events into Aussie startups and young tech cos. companies, investors and advisors can also report investments to us. We have partnered with several angel groups who are reporting their members' investments to us... but anyone can report... an adviser, an investor or the company itself... and Companies can announce the deals on our platform for extra exposure.

DID YOU KNOW that all of the milestones, funding outcomes we collect on Australian startups and young tech companies can be found in their Company Profiles on Techboard under the "Traction Tab".

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