Roborigger wins WA Worksafe 2019 Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards

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Announcement Date: 03/10/2019
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TENSA Equipment’s automated load lifting device, Roborigger, developed in partnership with Multiplex, has been selected as a winner in the WA government Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s annual Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards.

The award, which combined the former Work Safety Awards WA and the Safety and Health Resources Sector Awards, celebrates and acknowledges safety initiatives and innovations across Australian workplaces. This year, TENSA Equipment and Multiplex is the joint winner in the Best Solution to a Work Health and Safety Risk (200 employees or more) category.

The judges saw how Roborigger has demonstrated significant improvements to safety on the WA projects where it has been used.

In 2017, Multiplex became an early partner in the Roborigger development recognising the immediate safety improvements from using Roborigger as it allows lifting operations to be performed without taglines and without people needing to be in the vicinity of the suspended loads.

“The collaboration with Multiplex has been fundamental to Roborigger’s development”, said TENSA Equipment Managing Director, Derick Markwell.

Multiplex supported Roborigger development by coordinating 12-month commercial trials, initially in a crane yard and later on the New Museum for WA project in the Perth CBD.

This allowed the dogmen, who are the eventual users of Roborigger, to use the device in real construction lifting operations and provide feedback to TENSA. This has resulted in many improvements being incorporated over this period.

According to Markwell, the Roborigger technology application also extends beyond the building construction industry. The oil and gas supply vessel loading operations, for example, can be undertaken using Roborigger with the wireless release hook. This means that no one needs to be on the deck to align or unhook the load.

Roborigger technology is now commercialised and in operation across numerous sites in Australia. A larger 20 tonne unit is being commissioned and ready for use by an Australian major oil and gas operator.

The company is also developing a Roborigger unit to handle crane booms and wind turbine blades for a major European company.

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Roborigger is an automated lifting device which uses gyroscopic and inertial forces to accurately rotate and orient loads. No taglines are needed.Roborigger was conceptualized for applications in construction tower cranes and onshore cranes, where there is an average of three fatalities every year in Australia and many more injuries and near misses due to people being in the vicinity of crane loads. Roborigger also includes a camera, load cell, and internet connectivity so all loads are immediately recorded and logged on the internet.Roborigger is ideal for shorebase loadout operations, as it improves safety, reduces the number of personnel required and logs all logistics movements.

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