Delloop & My Fit World – A new level of ‘fitness’ for the service industry

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Announcement Date: 08/04/2022
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Delloop’s Innovation Hub is home to eCommerce businesses that are using the Delloop™ platform to co-create new customer-centric solutions that boost engagement and repeat sales.

New to the Hub is My Fit World, a professional fitness provider whose App offers world-class coaching to everyday clients. Amongst the more than 5 million active WooCommerce installations are stores that sell physical and digital products as well as service providers like My Fit World which offer a unique subscription model.

Recognizing the need for an ongoing connection with their rapidly growing membership base, My Fit World has enlisted retail technology innovator, Delloop to facilitate a range of incentivized interactions with their clients, post-subscription.

“Service companies traditionally only interact with their clients when subscriptions are due for renewal,” commented Delloop Co-Founder & CEO, Lou Schillaci. “My Fit World wants to seize every opportunity to stay aligned with its clients in order to serve their changing needs.”

Given that My Fit World has a diverse customer base – from Trainees to Coaches, as well as Clubs and Corporates – it utilizes Delloop to forge an enduring connection with this highly specific group through incentivized interaction and permission-based marketing.

Co-Founder & CCO, Claire Schillaci stated: “Just as Delloop supports WooCommerce retailers in reducing the friction caused by costly after-sales issues - such as last-mile delivery problems, returns, warranty claims, and customer support - for service providers like My Fit World it troubleshoots all areas of friction and proactively addresses Member sentiment.”

Delloop’s highly targeted metrics and client analytics are also an intrinsic part of My Fit World kickstarting a rapid-fire corporate membership drive.

“We are currently in an intense growth phase,” stated My Fit World CEO, Milan Sundać. “Through Delloop’s incentivized client interactions we have been able to establish long-term connections with our Members and corporate clients right from the start. And Delloop’s precision metrics provide results that are immediately visible and measurable.”
US-based VP of Global Sales, Sam Selim commented: “The unique MFW vision on Human-Centric, precise and personal Fitness, along with Delloop’s global capability and core engine, make it a ready-made ‘fit’ for the US Market - where the simplicity of adoption and widespread need, convenience, and one-to-one connectivity is a rare but an imperative differentiator.”
Originally designed to facilitate an end-to-end retail experience, Delloop’s versatile data-centric technology is fast becoming sought after across multiple industries for both social and
commercial solutions. The Delloop Innovation Hub provides both a marketplace and a test lab environment for those wanting to utilize and contribute to this emerging platform.


My Fit World

My Fit World is a leading-edge service provider in the health and fitness arena. Its one-app solution is built on the inclusive premise of being “for everyone who wants to move”. It provides a way in for people who want to exercise but perhaps don’t have the time to go to a gym, or the money to invest in a personal trainer, or who simply want to learn more about fitness in the privacy of their own home.

My Fit World is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and fitness levels and to assist those with remedial and rehabilitation requirements. In the app are schedules and reminders, and stats about their progress. Users can view their workout history, find new workouts and programs, and maintain contact with their trainer.

The app provides a comprehensive range of customized workouts provided as video content with detailed descriptions and guidelines for usage. It also connects users to professional Coaches, who offer affordable online or in-person programs. It is also popular with Corporates who offer it as a health initiative to their employees.

The B2B2C My Fit World app, under its banner, ‘Get active - Health matters’ is highly social and viral and it’s expanding rapidly. It already provides options to Premium Members, Corporate Members, Professional Coaches, and Clubs and it has plans for its own marketplace that will offer retail opportunities for the wider health and fitness market.


Delloop is a retail technology innovator. Its API based solution reduces and even eliminates much of the friction caused by issues such as last-mile delivery problems, returns, warranty claims, customer support, and cart abandonment.

Retailers stay connected to their Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle, well beyond the normal sales cycle creating opportunities for repeat sales and high brand affinity.

Retailers can access the free trial and assess the Key Performance Indicators for their business at


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By facilitating a rewarding after-sales experience for both parties, Delloop helps Retailers stay connected to their Customers long-term - resulting in repeat business, increased loyalty and lower servicing costs.

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