‘First Mover’ Delloop introduces new eCommerce Concept for Retailers

Company Name: ‘First Mover’ Delloop introduces new eCommerce Concept for Retailers

Announcement Date: 07/04/2022
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Seattle, USA April 7th, 2022: Delloop claims ‘First Mover’ status and takes eCommerce Retailers with them.

Any company that pioneers a genuinely new solution is termed a ‘First Mover’. A First Mover makes inroads into a market in such a way that has not been done before and it does this so definitively that it claims a unique position in the market – think first mover eCommerce giants Amazon and Paypal who both now dominate their respective spaces.

Delloop™ is being talked about in just such a way. This start-up is making itself known for being the first to offer a comprehensive solution to the collection of problems that the rapidly growing $5.5 trillion global eCommerce market still faces, even after 25 years of offerings from the Customer Care industry.

The eCommerce problems that have remained unchallenged include high customer friction, low customer retention, high servicing costs, poor brand affinity and downwards spiralling profits – only now with more competition, they have become even more critical.

Delloop’s software started life as ‘Delivery-Loop’, aimed at addressing crucial Last-Mile Delivery problems. Co-Founder & CEO, Lou Schillaci quickly realized that its agile software could be used for far more. “Delloop’s bi-lateral communication channel, which we were using to connect Customers to Retailers - for troubleshooting and status updates - became a proactive feedback loop for all types of queries and as a conduit for Retailers to use for highly targeted permission-based marketing.

Delloop has designed an entirely new customer-centric pathway through all the high-friction areas that occur after the sale. It facilitates an incentivized and enduring connection between Customers and Retailers, forging long-term relationships and meaningful interactions, all progressing to repeat sales and higher levels of brand affinity.

There is considerable evidence that this enduring connection is the important differentiator between eCommerce stores’ success rates and one that allows some Retailers to leapfrog their competition.

Co-founder and CCO, Claire Linley commented, ”I believe the reason for the strong interest in Delloop is that it is people-centred. We didn’t want to throw more technology at a problem that has already lost sight of the Customer. Plus, when you offer something original to a market that has been moving at a glacial pace, the difference is dramatic and noticeable.”

Delloop is a retail technology innovator. Its API-based solution reduces and even eliminates much of the friction caused by issues such as last-mile delivery problems, returns, warranty claims, customer support, and cart abandonment.
Retailers stay connected to their Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle, well beyond the normal sales cycle creating opportunities for repeat sales and high brand affinity.
Retailers can access the free trial and assess their own Key Performance Indicators for their business at www.Delloop.com.

Announcement URL: https://delloop.com/news/first-mover/
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