Delloop: eCommerce making a difference to animals needing a second chance

Company Name: Delloop: eCommerce making a difference to animals needing a second chance

Announcement Date: 25/10/2022
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership
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Retail technology innovator, Delloop is helping Brews & Rescues with their ‘Coffee for a Cause initiative’, growing a customer base of coffee drinkers whose purchases make a contribution to animal shelters across the US.

Delloop’s Customer Engagement platform is known for bringing Customers and Retailers closer together. Online coffee retailer, Brews & Rescues, is using Delloop to not only increase its coffee sales, but also as a vital notification system for the many animal rescue organizations it supports.

Brews & Rescues is well known for its premium blend coffee, specifically formulated to suit the tastes of its loyal North American customers. It is also known for donating a portion of every sale to support a growing number of animal rescue organizations.

Using Delloop’s built-in alert system, Brews & Rescues will be able to reach out to its animal-loving customers, on behalf of the shelters, with important updates, such as animals that need fostering and re-homing.

Brews & Rescues, Jordan Shoemaker, stated: “We are really keen to expand our business. We are growing our range of coffee blends as well as our number of dedicated followers. Using Delloop’s unique tools we know that we’ll be building loyalty from our existing customers and reaching out to the right profile of new customers. Most importantly, we’ll be doing more to help the animal organizations that we’re so passionate about.”

“Delloop offers a completely unique way for us to stay in touch with customers,” Jordan continued, “more like the days when retailers actually knew their customers by name and genuinely wanted to help them. We like that idea and it suits our intention of getting closer to our customers and keeping them connected.”

The company is also one of the first eCommerce retailers to take advantage of Delloop’s latest version that it has created specifically for stores using the Shopify platform.

“Brews & Rescues is a business with a heart.” commented Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci. “It has been built from the ground up by people who are passionate about providing a quality product as well as supporting charities that do important work helping animals.”

“Using Delloop, coffee lovers who are also animal lovers, will get to stay more closely in touch with what’s important to them,” stated Schillaci. “Delloop is all about improving ‘human centricity’ in retail, now it seems we’ve extended that to ‘animal centricity’!

Delloop is used across the two mainstream eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce and Shopify. Brews & Rescues is the latest example of an online retailer that is successfully extending interaction between itself and its Customers using the many tools within Delloop’s Customer Engagement platform.

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Delloop is a retail technology innovator. Its API based solution reduces and even eliminates much of the friction caused by issues such as last-mile delivery problems, returns, warranty claims, customer support, and cart abandonment.

Retailers stay connected to their Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle, well beyond the normal sales cycle creating opportunities for repeat sales and high brand affinity.

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