Delloop named “Disruptive Startup”

Company Name: Delloop named “Disruptive Startup”

Announcement Date: 29/10/2022
Announcement Category: Awards/recognition, Contract/Partnership
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Seattle, USA, October 29th: Noted as “first-to-market” with their Hybrid Customer/Retailer Engagement Platform, Delloop has been selected as a “Disruptive Startup” to participate in Disruption 2022.

Disruption 2022 is a joint initiative of Delta Ventures and imatch, for the search, selection and development of co-partnership projects between the Nabeiro Group and innovative startups globally.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with a major Corporation that like Delloop, places high importance on Customer Centricity,” stated Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci. “Together we’ll be discovering how Delloop technology can be integrated into the company’s future-driven projects in strategic business areas.”

With co-partnership, human-centrism, and disruptive innovation as core values, Disruption 2022 challenges national and international start-ups that are developing solutions that best adapt to Nabeiro’s value chain, the opportunity to partner and to co-develop.

“Together with Nabeiro we will build a tight interactive experience for Customers across all touchpoints – whether they buy a coffee machine, order online, shop in a supermarket or visit a Delta Café.”

Claire Linley, Delloop’s Chief Communication Officer
Delloop’s hybrid customer-retailer engagement platform provides opportunities for both Customers and Retailers to interact long-term. To effect this, the parties are incentivised and rewarded for retaining an enduring and meaningful connection. Precision marketing helps Retailers acquire new Customers, whilst an enhanced customer experience results in repeat business, increased loyalty, lower servicing costs and higher levels of brand affinity.

Disruption commences November 8th 2022 with a 5-week duration.

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