A Merry Techboard Christmas

Well that time of year is upon us again and what a year it has been.

Techboard has focussed this year on expanding from its base in Western Australia to make its platform truly national. At the start of the year we had around 750 company profiles of WA companies we now have almost 2000 on the platform from across the country. We have expanded our team from 2 to 5 with Alex in Sydney, Bec in Melbourne and most recently Brett in Brisbane joining Raf and myself. We rounded off the year with our first ever National Awards in conjunction with StartCon and thanks to the support of MYOB, RedBull and the Polyglot Group. We also had our (possibly last) WA specific Techboard Awards which were a great success thanks to the support of Startup WA, eGroup, Larsen Ventures, the Beacham Group and the City of Perth.

We have been running our Techboard Ranking Nationally on a monthly basis. We are publishing our Company Traction Reports which are the best summary of what occurred last month in Australian Startup and Tech and we are publishing quarterly Funding Reports which we believe are the most comprehensive produced. We have also been publishing interviews from founders of leading startups and investors to share their insights with you, largely thanks to our friends at the Mitchellake Group. On top of all of that we have had some great announcements direct from Aussie startups sharing their wins.

We hope 2017 has been a good one for you… With our rankings we certainly have been highlighting some great achievements by Aussie startups. We set up Techboard with the aim working to raise the profile of startups and young tech companies, both by enabling them to do so with our platform but also through our monthly ranking which highlights an amplifies the achievements of these companies.  With so many companies achieving so much it is easy to miss some.. so our monthly  reports which highlight the news coverage, milestones and funding outcomes are a must read with our coverage improving every month.

Through our activities we are continuing to build a great resource for Australian entrepreneurs, investors and the ecosystem as a whole and we look forward to working with you our stakeholders to bring even more value in the year to come. If you want to get involved or support what we are doing and get great regular exposure to our growing audience please get in touch.

Our latest Techboard Ranking and Traction Report are just out so check them out now… for some festive reading.

Have a great Festive Season, be awesome in 2018 … and share it (including via Techboard).


Peter van Bruchem
Chief Startup Evangelist and Co-Founder


(Sorry about the excessive chest hair… thanks Raf for organising the Tshirts…. no really).