Techboard’s Funding Event Search Engine Update

The Techboard Team are pleased to report that we have just issued a platform update to the Techboard Funding Event Search Engine. This update is primarily to add a 9th variable to our search and filter, namely, Team Gender, just in time for the release of our latest Funding Reports, significantly the Female Founder Funding Report, which will be published on Tuesday 28 September. The update also deals with a few bugs we had identified as well as speeding up the search.

This latest search variable joins funding date, amount, funding type/deal label, company name, funder/investor name, company category, state and company keyword.

Users can now more reality identify funded startups with a Mixed teams (at least one female founder) and solely female founded Startups. Users can also use the search to identify which investors invest in female founded companies.  

Techboard is continuing to operate on a monthly data cycle. Early in each month we publish our FUNDED update, which comes from our preliminary screen of the month's funding events. Our team then undertakes additional research, classifying and processing the funding data. We then create new profiles for companies, investors and founders and then import all funding events from the month.

To find out more about the search engine or subscriptions please contact us.