Techboard Update 7 August 2015

Hey there.

Things are starting to heat up on Techboard. We are at over 450 Profiles.  We have had more companies claim their profiles, thanks Quickboats, Mypreorder, Magentys, Icetana, Community to Go, Damien Smith Design, ColourColor game, Mpire Media, Rent, Hitch a ride and Shark Mitigation systems.

Companies have started to make announcements, thanks DuinoPro, Prezentt, Tap into Safety and 6Q.

Startup News recently ran a story on Techboard that you can read here.

We have a bundle of things coming up 
Onboarding with Techboard
We are starting to run onboarding sessions in conjunction with our sponsors the Beacham Group to help Companies that have claimed their profiles to use Techboard to raise their profile.
At these sessions we will cover:
– what we are doing at Techboard and what we hope to achieve.
– how companies can use Techboard to raise member companies’ profile.
– upcoming initiatives.
– seeking input to help us make Techboard as useful and beneficial for companies as possible.

A big¬†bonus¬†for companies coming along is that we are offering the opportunity for companies attending to have a¬†FREE video interview.¬†¬†Videos will featured on the Homepage of Techboard, posted on the company’s profile, and can be embedded by companies on their own website.¬†The videos may also be featured by our¬†sponsors, the Beacham Group.

We have a great feature we will be rolling out soon – the ability for readers to follow companies on Techboard so they can be notified of material updates to Company profiles or when a company makes an announcement. We are also going to enable following of announcements by Category… more on that later.

Techboard’s Panel of Experts¬†and¬†Startup Ranking
We are in the process of assembling our Panel of Experts, made up of some of the key startup and tech sector luminaries. We are going to be seeking the panel’s views on trending and hot startups from WA and putting that together with key metrics to compile a startup ranking. That is all in development but we will fill you in on that soon.

Techboard is an initiative that requires the Startup and Tech Companies in WA to get involved for Techboard to most effectively raise the profile of Startups and Tech companies in WA individually and collectively.

So what are you waiting for? get on board, claim your profile and join the other companies who are getting on board. 

AND if you are not a startup or Tech company founder why not either signup or subscribe to get updates of our progress… its gonna get even more interesting.


Peter van Bruchem


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